Remarkable Negro League Items Appear in Spring 2018 Auction

March 28, 2018

Collecting takes on all forms and can vary widely from collector to collector. Some prefer the rigidity of set collecting: a defined goal, a known end. Others prefer the focus of player collecting: identify a player of interest and collect everything relating to him. Still others prefer the moving target that collecting by theme affords them: identify an area of interest and collect all items related to that theme. There is likely no defined end, no complete checklist, and no idea of entirely what is out there.

One of the most popular collecting themes focuses on items related to the Negro Leagues, which were formed and operational in the decades preceding integration of African American ballplayers into the Major Leagues. For many collectors, this focus also includes items depicting baseball in Latin America. Countless stars of the Negro Leagues never had the opportunity to play in the Majors as it was not until 1947 that baseball integrated thanks to Jackie Robinson and the Brooklyn Dodgers. Despite this, the achievements of stars like Josh Gibson, Pop Lloyd, Cristobal Torriente, and others have been recognized by collectors, and even the Baseball Hall of Fame, which held convened a special committee to honor these players and inducted seventeen legends of the Negro Leagues into the Hall in 2006.

It is our privilege to present some of the most special Negro League material to grace our catalog pages in many years! This auction features more than two dozen items related to African American and Latin American players, including superb team photographs, rare advertising material, and scarce cards.

Some of the highlights include:

 1909 Philadelphia Giants Large-Format Team Photo Featuring John Henry "Pop" Lloyd

1603-1 (1)



1884 Bellaire Globes Base Ball Club Imperial Display Photo - Integrated Team with Negro League Pioneer Sol White - Earliest Known Baseball Image of White!

1602-1 (2)

1916 25th Infantry Wreckers Team Photo Featuring "Bullet Joe" Rogan


1916 Indianapolis ABCs/Royal Poinciana Imperial Team Cabinet Photo Featuring Ben Taylor


Circa 1912 Imperial Team Cabinet Photo Featuring Cristobal Torriente


1920 Detroit Stars Team Photo with Pete Hill and Andy Cooper - First Season of the Negro National League!


Signed 1948-1949 Caramelos El Indio #13 Monte Irvin Rookie - PSA/DNA


1909 Leland Giants Negro League Program with Rube Foster on the Cover!