Fall Auction Boasts REA's Finest Selection of Tickets Ever!

August 4, 2017

For decades, sports fans have been streaming into ballparks and stadiums around the country, tickets in hand, and settling in to watch some of the greatest to ever play their respective sport square off in contests ranging from exhibition games to world championships. The ticket secures the fan admission to the venue, and for many, after entrance is assured, the ticket becomes nothing more than a piece of paper, stuffed into a pocket or discarded underneath a seat. Perhaps if the trip to the game has special significance for the fan or if something notable occurs that day, the ticket is saved as a memento, preserved, for the time being, a bit more securely than most. In today's day and age of print-at-home tickets and barcodes on smartphones, tickets as we know them are taking on an entirely new look, and for many fans, there's nothing left to save after scanners verify validity at the turnstiles. It is for these reasons that ticket collecting remains such a passion for those who choose to tackle it; their appreciation for the physical ticket ensures that in this modern world, we will never forget how it all began.

Our upcoming Fall Auction presents in it a wonderful array of significant tickets that are sure to appeal to all ticket collectors and most any fan. As we processed consignments for this auction, we would often find our minds wandering as we wondered the great stories that these tickets could tell. What fan saved his ticket to the final game of the 1912 World Series, in which Christy Mathewson pitched ten innings, only to lose the Series to the home team Red Sox? How remarkable was it to be at the deciding game and under what circumstances was he lucky enough to attend? What fan attended Super Bowl I in 1968 at the Los Angeles Coliseum, and was he at all aware of the cultural phenomenon that the Super Bowl would become years later? Would the fan who saved his ticket to Game 3 of the 1932 World Series be able to confirm whether or not Babe Ruth really did call his shot?

In addition to the tremendous events that these tickets represent, they are also extremely noteworthy for their condition. Many are the finest known examples ever evaluated. In many cases, each is one of just a handful that have survived the decades, and a century or more in a few instances, since the final out or last whistle of the game. Each has a story to tell, and it's incredible for us to be able to present these tickets for collectors to see (some for the first time) and enjoy and possibly serve as the next holder of that ticket for years to come.

Some of the incredible highlights offered as part of our Fall Auction, opening October 6:

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