Exceptional Hall of Fame Rookie Card Collection Offered In Spring Auction!

March 28, 2017

In the last year, we've observed a tremendous rise in values for cards viewed by collectors as solid investments and safe stores of value. These "blue chip" cards include some of the greatest names in the history of sport, such as Babe Ruth and Mickey Mantle, as well as the rookie cards of almost every Hall of Famer from the four major sports of baseball, football, basketball, and hockey. Chasing Hall of Fame rookie cards allows collectors to check multiple boxes along their journey: these players are universally regarded as the best in their sport and the cards feature them in their earliest days, before they established their greatness and cemented their legacy. Rookie cards are often viewed as the "best" card. They are often the player's most valuable card, a key card to its respective set, and a card for which a case need not be made for why it is so important and so desirable.

Robert Edward Auctions is pleased to present the first installment of an exceptional Hall of Fame rookie card collection as part of its Spring Auction. Featuring cards from each of the major sports, this collection is noteworthy for both its content and its quality. An unwavering dedication to high-grade examples, and the foresight that collectors would gravitate to such cards years down the road, make this collection an extremely special one. More than fifty lots are presented for collectors to consider, and many of these cards are one of only a small handful at their respective grades and are being offered publicly for the first time in several years. Combined with other consignments to this auction of similarly-themed collections, this offering is the finest Hall of Fame rookie card collection ever presented by REA and one of the most impressive spreads to appear at auction in some time.

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