1959-1973 Topps Collection (12,972 cards) Including 419 Hall Of Famers

April 12, 2008

Presented is an extremely substantial collection of 12,972 cards from fourteen classic Topps issues spanning the years 1959 to 1973. This impressive collection is highlighted by several rare variations and more than 400 Hall of Famers.

This collection consists of the following:

1) 1959 Topps (49 cards, including 26 different): 22% Vg-Ex, 55% Gd to Vg, and 23% lesser.

2) 1960 Topps (152 cards, including 34 different): 9% Nr/Mt, 63% Ex to Ex-Mt, and 28% lesser.

3) 1961 Topps (1,234 cards, including 271 different): 12% Nr/Mt (including a few better), 76% Ex to Ex-Mt, and 12% Vg to Vg-Ex (including a couple lesser). Keys: Six 8 D. Williams (HOF, Ex-Mt, three Ex, and two Vg-Ex), twenty-one 20 Roberts (HOF, four Ex-Mt, ten Ex, and seven Vg-Ex), nine 25 Reds' Artillery - F. Robinson (four Ex and five Vg-Ex), seven 30 Fox (HOF, Ex-Mt, four Ex, and two Vg-Ex), two 43 NL HR Ldrs (both Ex), five 80 Killebrew (HOF, three Ex and two Vg-Ex), nine 88 Ashburn (HOF, four Ex, three Vg-Ex, and two Vg), thirteen 106 Herzog (HOF, two Ex-Mt, ten Ex, and Vg-Ex), eight 120 Mathews (HOF, two Ex-Mt, three Ex, and three Vg-Ex), forty 130 Lopez (HOF, three Nr/Mt, nine Ex-Mt, sixteen Ex, nine Vg-Ex, and three Vg), twelve 136 Alston (HOF, Ex-Mt, five Ex, two Vg-Ex, three Vg, and one Fr), three 141 B. Williams RC (HOF, Ex-Mt, Ex, and Vg-Ex), eight 337 Wynn/Lopez/Score (Nr/Mt, Ex-Mt, five Ex, and two Vg-Ex), five 360 F. Robinson (HOF, Ex-Mt, three Ex, and Vg-Ex), 409 Baseball Thrills - Johnson (Ex), three 404 Baseball Thrills - Hornsby (Ex-Mt and two Ex), four 416 Howser RC (Ex-Mt and three Ex), six 429 Kaline (HOF, Ex-Mt, three Ex, and two Vg-Ex), and four 440 Aparicio (HOF, three Ex and Vg-Ex).

4) 1962 Topps (704 cards, including 212 different): 18% Nr/Mt, 74% Ex to Ex-Mt, and 8% Vg to Vg-Ex (including a couple miscut and a couple lesser). Keys: Two 52 NL Batting Ldrs (Ex and Vg-Ex), four 56 NL ERA Ldrs (three Ex and Vg-Ex), six 57 AL Win Ldrs (Ex-Mt and five Ex), six 58 NL Win Ldrs (two Ex, three Vg-Ex, and Vg), six 59 AL Strikeout Ldrs (three Ex, two Vg-Ex, and Fr), seven 60 NL Strikeout Ldrs (six Ex and Vg-Ex), five 73 Fox (HOF, two Ex and three Vg-Ex), 129a Walls (Vg-Ex), 134a Hoeft (Vg-Ex), three 135 Babe as a Boy (Ex, Vg-Ex, and Vg), five 137 Babe and Mgr. Huggins (four Ex and Vg-Ex), 143 Greatest Sports Hero (Vg-Ex), two 174a Willey (Ex and Vg), five 176a Yost (three Vg-Ex, Vg, and Gd), 190a Moon (Gd), ten Lopez (HOF, Ex-Mt, six Ex, and three Vg-Ex), 351 Torre/Crandall (Ex), two 353 Mazeroski (HOF, Ex-Mt and Ex), six 382 D. Williams (HOF, Ex-Mt, four Ex, and Vg-Ex), three 391 Mazeroski AS (HOF, Ex-Mt, Ex, and Vg-Ex), and two 398 Drysdale AS (HOF, Ex-Mt and Ex).

5) 1963 Topps (1,572 cards, including 196 different): 49% Nr/Mt (including a few better), 46% Ex to Ex-Mt, and 5% Vg to Vg-Ex (including a few miscut and a couple lesser). Keys: Eight 43 Stengel/Woodling (Ex-Mt, three Ex, three Vg-Ex, and Vg), eleven 125 Roberts (HOF, three Nr/Mt, four Ex-Mt, and four Vg-Ex), five 135 Ashburn (HOF, Nr/Mt and four Ex-Mt), ten WS Gm. 1 - Ford (three Nr/Mt and seven Ex-Mt), twelve WS Gm. 3 - Maris (two Nr/Mt, five Ex-Mt, and five Ex), seventeen 154 Alston (HOF, six Nr/Mt, nine Ex-Mt, and two Ex), and 562 McNally RC (Vg-Ex).

6) 1964 Topps (135 cards, including 82 different): 46% Nr/Mt (including a few better), 41% Ex to Ex-Mt, and 13% lesser. Key: #120 Drysdale (HOF, ink spot on reverse, otherwise Vg+).

7) 1965 Topps (258 cards, including 105 different): 39% Nr/Mt (including a few better), 39% Ex to Ex-Mt (mostly Ex-Mt), and 22% Gd to Vg-Ex. Keys: Four #473 Blair/Johnson RC (three Ex-Mt and Ex).

8) 1966 Topps (1,172 cards, including 137 different): 40% Nr/Mt or better, 55% Ex to Ex-Mt, and 5% Vg to Vg-Ex.

9) 1967 Topps (1,087 cards, including 248 different): 35% Nr/Mt, 39% Ex to Ex-Mt, and 26% Vg-Ex to Ex. Keys: #103 Checklist - Mantle (Vg-Ex), eleven 161 D. Williams (HOF, ten Ex and Vg), three 166 Mathews (HOF, two Ex-Mt and Ex), seven 191 Checklist - Mays (two Nr/Mt and five Ex-Mt), two 228 Hodges (both Ex-Mt), 241 AL RBI Ldrs (Ex), two 243 AL HR Ldrs (both Ex-Mt), eleven 294 Alston (HOF, two Nr/Mt, four Ex-Mt, four Ex, and Vg-Ex), five 314 R. Smith RC (three Ex-Mt, Ex, and Vg), five 315 B. Williams (HOF, four Ex and Vg), nineteen 334 Allison/Killebrew (five Nr/Mt, seven Ex-Mt, four Ex, and three Vg-Ex), three 350 Torre (HOF, Ex and two Vg-Ex), twelve 357 Skowron (three Nr/Mt, three Ex-Mt, four Ex, and two Vg-Ex), twenty 361 Checklist - Clemente (four Nr/Mt, eleven Ex-Mt, four Ex, and Vg-Ex), six 417 Bruce/RBAVES (Nr/Mt, three Ex-Mt, Ex, and Vg-Ex), six 422 Wilhelm (HOF, three Nr/Mt, two Ex-Mt, and Ex), four 445 Sutton (HOF, Nr/Mt, two Ex-Mt, and Ex), six 456 Niekro (HOF, Nr/Mt, four Ex-Mt, and Vg-Ex), and four 500 Marichal (HOF, all with print missing from name on reverse, otherwise Ex-Mt).

10) 1968 Topps (406 cards, including 169 different): 34% Nr/Mt or better, 28% Ex-Mt, and 38% Vg-Ex to Ex (including twelve lesser). Keys: Two #4 AL RBI Ldrs (Ex-Mt and Ex), 27 Hodges (Ex), 45 Seaver (HOF, Ex-Mt), 85 Perry (HOF, Nr/Mt), eighteen 103 Sutton (HOF, two Nr/Mt, eleven Ex-Mt, and five Ex), 200 Cepeda (HOF, Ex), 215 Bunning (HOF, Vg-Ex), two 310 Aparicio (HOF, two Ex), two 361 Killebrew AS (HOF, both Ex-Mt), 362 Cepeda AS (HOF, Nr/Mt), two 363 Carew AS (HOF, Ex-Mt and Ex), two 364 Morgan AS (HOF, both Nr/Mt), two 365 B. Robinson AS (both Ex), 366 Santo AS (HOF, Ex), 370 Aaron AS (HOF, Vg), 373 F. Robinson AS (HOF, Vg-Ex), 378 Gibson AS (HOF, Ex), 472 Alston (HOF, Vg-Ex), one hundred twenty-five 518 Checklist (mostly Ex to Ex-Mt), 571 LaRussa (HOF, Vg-Ex), and thirteen 575 Palmer (HOF, Nr/Mt, six Ex-Mt, four Ex, Vg-Ex, and Vg).

11) 1969 Topps (183 cards, including 39 different): 25% Nr/Mt, 59% Ex to Ex-Mt, and 16% Vg to Vg-Ex. Keys: Thirty-Five 420 Santo AS (HOF, mostly o/c, seven Ex-Mt, twenty Ex, five Vg-Ex, and three Vg).

12) 1970 Topps (5,150 cards, including 230 different and 299 high numbers [#634-720]): 19% Nr/Mt-Mt, 46% Ex-Mt to Nr/Mt, 25% Vg-Ex to Ex (mostly due to centering), and 10% lesser (mostly due to centering, including a few that measure small). Only cards from the range of #335-719 are represented, with heavy duplication in some cases. Keys: Five 466 Marichal AS (HOF, two Ex and three 100/0 T/B, otherwise Ex-Mt), five 470 Stargell (HOF, four Ex-Mt and Ex), five 502 Fingers (HOF, all o/c, Ex-Mt, Ex, and three Vg-Ex), 530 Gibson (HOF, Ex-Mt), sixty-seven 539 Bowa RC (twenty Ex-Mt, forty Ex [mostly due to centering], five Vg-Ex, and two Vg), 565 Hunter (HOF, Ex), forty-nine 622 Sutton (HOF, twenty-eight Nr/Mt to Nr/Mt-Mt, eight Ex-Mt, and thirteen Ex), and eight 670 Santo (HOF, Nr/Mt, Ex-Mt, four Ex, and two Vg-Ex).

13) 1972 Topps (233 cards, including 129 different): 24% Nr/Mt, 67% Ex to Ex-Mt, and 9% Vg to Vg-Ex. Keys: Two #101 Richard RC (both Ex), 410 Jenkins (HOF, Ex), and three 440 B. Williams IA (HOF, Nr/Mt, Ex-Mt, and Ex).

14) 1973 Topps (637 cards, including 93 different): 54% Nr/Mt or better and 46% Ex to Ex-Mt (including five lesser).

This is a very substantial grouping of cards, literally a collection unto itself, from fourteen popular Topps sets spanning from 1959 to 1973. Total: 12,972 cards.