1911 T3 Turkey Red Partial Set (50/100)

Sold For: $21,600

Auction Year: 2017 spring

Lot: 784

Item Year: 1911

Category: T Tobacco Cards

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Presented is an outstanding partial set of 1911 T3 Turkey Red cabinets consisting of fifty different (out of 100 in a complete set). Turkey Red cabinet cards are one of the most highly prized of all tobacco issues. They were available only by mail in exchange for coupons packaged with Turkey Red Cigarettes. Because Turkey Reds are large cards that are easily damaged, they are particularly difficult to find in high grade. Turkey Reds have long been recognized as one of the most popular and beautiful of all baseball cards, and are rarely offered as a complete or partial set. All the cards present with bold colors and crisp central images. Sixteen cards have a Turkey Red advertisement on the backs (noted below), while the balance is checklist (with offer) backs. This partial set consists of the following: #2 Bergen (color added to corners, otherwise Gd), 3 Leach (Vg-Ex+), 10 Devlin (color added to corners, otherwise Vg-Ex), 12 Donovan (Ex), 13 Doyle (Vg), 15 Elberfeld (color added to corners, otherwise Vg), 20 Jordan (Ex), 25 M. McIntyre (color added to corners, otherwise Vg-Ex), 28b H. McIntyre (Vg+), 30 Mullin (Vg), 31 Magee (Vg-Ex), 32 Overall (Ex), 33 Pfeister (Vg-Ex), 38 Stahl (color added to corners, otherwise Vg-Ex), 41 Wiltse (Vg+), 45 Jordan & Herzog at First (Gd), 48 Murray (Ex), 49 A Close Play at Second (Vg+), 50 Chief Myers at Bat (Vg-Ex), 77 Ames (ad back, Vg-Ex), 81 Bescher (Vg-Ex), 83 Bridwell (ad back, Vg), 84 Browne (Vg-Ex), 88 Coveleski (ad back, Ex), 90a Doolin (ad back, Vg-Ex), 90b Doolan (Vg), 91 Downey (ad back, pencil mark on front, otherwise Vg-Ex), 92 Dygert (Ex), 93 Fromme (Ex), 94 Gibson (ad back, Vg-Ex), 95 Graham (Vg-Ex+), 96 Groom (ad back, Gd), 97 Hoblitzell (Vg-Ex+), 98 Hofman (ad back, slightly miscut right edge, otherwise Ex+), 100 Jones (ad back, Vg-Ex+), 102 Kling (ad back, Ex+), 103 Konetchy (Gd+), 106 Lord (ad back, Vg-Ex), 107 Manning (Ex+), 108 Merkle (slight trim to top and bottom edges, otherwise Vg+), 110 McBride (Ex), 111 Niles (Vg-Ex), 112 Paskert (Ex), 116 Schmidt (ad back, Vg+), 117 Schulte (ad back, pencil number on back, otherwise Vg-Ex+), 118 Smith (ad back, Vg), 120 Street (ad back, Ex), 121 Sullivan (Vg-Ex+), 123 Thomas (ad back, Vg-Ex), and 126 Wilson (Vg-Ex+). This substantial offering represents a rare opportunity to acquire an outstanding foundation for the assembly of a complete mid- to high-grade set of this classic issue. This lot also has tremendous break value! Total: 50 cards. Reserve $2,500. Estimate $5,000++.

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