1911 T212 Obak Cigarettes SGC-Graded Partial Set (128/175)

Sold For: $7,800

Auction Year: 2017 spring

Lot: 744

Item Year: 1911

Category: T Tobacco Cards

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Extraordinary mid- to high-grade partial set of 1911 T212 Obaks, entirely graded and encapsulated by SGC. Obaks are among the most popular of all early card issues featuring players from the Pacific Coast League. While catalogued simply as T212, Obaks were actually issued over a period of three years, from 1909 to 1911, and are really three sets. The 1910 and 1911 Obak sets, in addition to featuring players from the six PCL teams, also feature players from the four-team Northwestern League. The 1911 set is the last of the three annual T212 issues from Obak Cigarettes, and they are easily distinguished by the red printing on their backs.

This collection consists of the following: EX/NM 80 (9 cards): Gordon, McDonnell (stamped back), Mohler, Moore, J. Ryan, Schmidt, Shea, Stewart (stamped back), and Van Buren. EX+ 70 (7 cards): Dillon, Meikle (stamped back), Nordyke, Pfyl, Sheehan/Vernon, Shinn, and Weed (stamped back). EX 60 (30 cards): Ables (stamped back),, Baum, Bues, Burrell, Carlisle, Chadbourne (stamped back), Cutshaw (stamped back), Danzig, Fitzgerald, Garrett, Higgins, Howard, Kane (stamped back), Krueger, Lerchen, Metzger, Mitze, Moskiman, Nourse, O'Rourke, Roche, Ryan, Speas, Spencer (stamped back), Starkel, Stinson (stamped back), Strand (stamped back), Thornton, Warren, and Zimmerman. VG/EX+ 55 (3 cards): Butler, Castleton (stamped back), and Crukshank (stamped back). VG/EX 50 (47 cards): Annis, Arrelanes, Bennett (stamped back), Brackenridge, Brashear, Brinker (stamped back), Burns (stamped back), Byram, Coleman, Dashwood (stamped back), Delhi (stamped back), Flater, Grindle, Harris, Hasty (stamped back), Henderson (stamped back), Hitt, Hoffman, Hogan, Holm (stamped back), Hunt, Jensen, Kippert, Knight (stamped back), Koestner (stamped back), Kuhn (stamped back), La Longe, Lamline, Leard (stamped back), Mahoney, Morse, Mundorff, Ostdiek, Pernoll, Raleigh (stamped back), Rapps, Rockenfield, Scharnweber, Seaton/Portland, Shaw (stamped back), Skeels, Sutor, Swain, Tennant (stamped back), Thompson, Thorsen, and Williams (stamped back). VG 40 (32 cards): Abbott, Agnew, Akin, Berry, Carson, Casey, Christian, Coy (stamped back), Daley (stamped back), Davis (stamped back), Erickson, Frisk, Hall, Hetling, Hosp, Madden (stamped back), Maggert (stamped back), McCredie, Melchior (stamped back), Netzel, Patterson (stamped back), Pearce, Schmutz, Seaton, Spiesman (stamped back), Thomas/Sacramento, Thomas/Victoria, Vitt, Ward, Wheeler, Zackert, and Zamlock.

1911 T212 Obak cards are rarely offered as a partial or complete set, and are highly prized by both minor-league collectors and tobacco-card collectors. Every card is bright and crisp, with vibrant colors, and flawless registration. Even the lesser-graded examples present far better than suggested by their technically accurate assigned grades, with tiny, almost insignificant flaws responsible for the downgrade in almost all cases. Thirty-six cards have a factory number stamped on the back (as noted; this is common to the issue and not penalized by grading companies). This is a remarkably attractive collection of 1911 Obaks that would provide an outstanding foundation for the assembly of a stunning complete set! Total: 128 cards. Reserve $1,000. Estimate (open).

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