1909 E97 C. A. Briggs Co. Complete Set on Three Uncut Panels

Sold For: $7,800

Auction Year: 2017 spring

Lot: 318

Item Year: 1909

Category: E Candy Cards

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Presented is an extremely rare and fascinating complete set of thirty E97 C. A. Briggs Co. cards, including three Hall of Famers, on three uncut panels. Two panels have twelve cards each; the third has six cards. Together they represent the entire set, and if framed together, they would actually have the appearance of a single complete sheet (When the three panels are carefully aligned the cuts match perfectly, which proves this set was once a single sheet.) It is almost unheard of for any uncut sheet of baseball cards to survive from the 1910 era. These E97 cards are a very rare exception! The fact that these sheets are blank-backed suggest that their survival relates somehow to the printer. E97s are one of the rarest of all the 1910-era "E" candy card issues. The 30-card set was issued in 1909-1910 by the C. A. Briggs Co., Lozenge Makers of Boston, Mass. 1) The first uncut panel (9-1/4 x 5-3/4 inches), composed of twelve cards (two rows of six), features Kelly (HOF), Schlei, Young/Cleveland (HOF, image is actually Cy Young's brother, Irv Young), Murray, Sullivan/Chicago and Davis on the first row and Camnitz, Rossman, Bransfield, Steinfeldt/name correct, Durham, and McConnell on the second row. The obvious flaws include heavy creasing, a couple tears, some stains on the reverse, and the upper-right corner missing. 2) The second uncut panel (9-1/4 x 5-1/2 inches), composed of twelve cards (two rows of six), features McIntyre, Mullin, Devore, Birmingham, Hartsel, and Bradley on the first row and Keeler (HOF), Heinchman, Kroh, Moore, Hemphill and Doolan on the second row. The obvious flaws include heavy creasing, a couple tears, and some stains on the reverse. 3) The third uncut panel (9-1/4 x 3 inches), composed of one row of six cards, features Kleinow, Austin, Dygert, Nichols/Cleveland (Nicholls), Carrigan and Meyers. The obvious flaws include moderate creasing and some light spots of age toning. Clean reverse. The colors of these cards are brilliant; the rarity of these sheets is virtually unparalleled; and the display value is extraordinary. They are not perfect, but they will not sell for what perfect cards would sell for. In fact, historically, the market has sometimes valued sheets such as these at a significant discount to the individual cards on it. The individual values of the cards on these sheets, in any condition, would be thousands of dollars. There is no consensus on the value of uncut sheets of E97s, in part because each of the few examples is different in terms of condition or number of cards. Common sense tells us that an uncut sheet should be worth at least the sum of its parts. These three uncut panels of E97 Briggs (representing a complete set), one of the most colorful and popular of all "E" card issues, form a rare and unique display piece, representing a potentially extraordinary value. Total: 3 items. Reserve $5,000. Estimate (open).

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