19th Century Nonsport Tobacco Card Collection (863)

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Auction Year: 2017 spring

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Item Year: 1887

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Extremely substantial and eclectic collection of 863 cards from twenty-nine different classic nonsport tobacco issues from circa 1888. The condition of the collection ranges from Poor to Vg-Ex condition (the condition range is without reference to most cards being skinned). There are 182 Allen & Ginters, 163 Dukes, five Goodwins, four Kimballs, 126 Kinneys, and 383 cards from various other tobacco brands. Organized by tobacco company, the collection is comprised of the following: Allen & Ginter: 1) N3 Arms of all Nations near-complete set (48 of 50 cards): all cards are skinned, otherwise Fr to Vg (including a few Pr and a few trimmed). Missing only Assagai and Tomahawk for completion. 2) N4 Birds of America (23 cards, including 17 different): 50% Fr to Gd, and 50% Pr. 3) N9 Flags of all Nations First Series near-complete set (42 of 50 plus one duplicate, total 43 cards): all Pr due to extensive back damage. Key: Pontifical States (Pr). 4) N10 Flags of all Nations Second Series (9 different): all Pr. 5) N13 Game Birds (7 different): Pr to Fr. 6) N14 General Government and State Capitol Buildings (11 different): Pr to Fr due to back damage. 7) N17 Naval Flags (5 different): all Pr due to back damage. 8) N21 Quadrupeds (3 different): Pr due to back damage. 9) N28 World's Champions Oarsmen (10 cards, including 9 different): nine cards skinned (otherwise averaging Vg-Ex) and one Pr. 10) N30 World's Decorations (3 different): all skinned, with fronts displaying Vg to Vg-Ex. 11) N32 World's Racers (20 different): all except one skinned, with fronts displaying Vg to Ex. Duke: 12) N71 Actors and Actresses Second Series partial set (30 of 50 cards): Pr to Fr, including a couple trimmed. 13) N72 Coins of all Nations near-complete set (48 of 50 cards): 23% Ex, 41% Vg to Vg-Ex, and 36% lesser (including three skinned). Missing only Finland and Mexico for completion. 14) N82 Musical Instruments (3 different): all skinned, with fronts displaying as Vg. 15) N112 Great Americans (18 hand cut singles): Originally issued as three-subject cards, these are neatly hand cut into smaller one-subject pieces. 16) N145 Cross Cut Cigarettes Actors and Actresses (64 cards): all Pr, with most skinned or missing layer of back paper (including some trimmed). Fronts display as Fr to Ex, averaging Vg. Key: Lillian Russell. Goodwin & Co.: 17) N163 Dogs of the World (5 different): Pr to Fr. Kimball: 18) N182 Ballet Queens (1 card): Petita (Pr-Fr due to paper loss on reverse). 19) N186 Dancing Women (2 cards): Gd and Pr-Fr. 20) N187 Fancy Bathers (1 card): Fire Island (Pr). Kinney: 21) N210 Actresses (19 different): all skinned, including a few with missing pieces. Key: Lillian Russell. 22) N216 Animals (1 card): Boa Constrictor (Pr). 23) N222 Leaders complete set (25 cards): 32% Gd to Vg, 28% Fr, and 40% lesser (including two skinned and three trimmed). 24) N222 Leaders duplicates (25 cards, including 19 different): 36% Fr (including a couple slightly higher) and 64% Pr (including ten skinned and one trimmed). 25) N225 National Dances complete set minus one (49 of 50 cards): 65% Ex to Ex-Mt and 35% Vg to Vg-Ex (including a couple lesser and one with a slight trim). Missing only Cancan for completion. 26) N229 Famous Running Horses (1 card): Shotover (Fr). 27) N233 Transparent Playing Cards (6 different): Fr to Vg. Various Other Brands: 28) N245 Actors and Actresses (348 cards): all skinned, with fronts displaying Pr to Vg-Ex (averaging Gd-Vg). Keys: Maude Adams and eight different Lillian Russell. 29) N250 Lorillard Actresses near-complete set (21 of 25 cards): 33% Vg to Vg-Ex, 38% Gd, and 29% Fr (including one Pr). Missing only Burt, Dore, Farrell, and Noretti for completion. 30) N250 Lorillard Actresses duplicates (11 different): all Pr, including three trimmed. 31) N295 Mayo's Cut Plug Actresses (3 different): Vg, Fr, and Pr. This is a substantial and fascinating low-grade collection of tobacco cards representing twenty-nine different classic nineteenth-century sets. Total: 863 cards.
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