1948, 1950, and 1953 Bowman Football Card Collection (189)

Sold For: $540

Auction Year: 2017 spring

Lot: 2630

Item Year: 1948

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Collection of 181 different (plus eight duplicates) Bowman Football gum cards from three classic early sets, highlighted by many star cards and Hall of Famers. The collection consists of the following: 1) 1948 Bowman Partial Set (77/108 cards): Condition is 17% Vg to Vg-Ex, 24% Gd, 34% Fr, and 25% Pr. Keys: #1 Tereshinski RC (Pr), 17 Trippi RC (HOF, Fr), 22 Baugh RC (HOF, back almost entirely missing and trimmed), Dudley RC (HOF, Fr), 95 McAfee RC (HOF, glue on reverse, otherwise Ex), 99 Gilmer RC (Gd), and 107 Luckman RC (HOF, Pr). 2) 1950 Bowman (80 cards, including 73 different): Condition is 31% Vg-Ex to Ex, 20% Vg, and 49% Fr to Gd (including a couple Pr). Keys: #5 Tittle RC (HOF, Pr), 6 Groza RC (HOF, Vg), 16 Davis RC (Vg), 17 Waterfield (HOF, Vg-Ex), 26 Lujack (Gd), 28 Turner (HOF, mark on reverse, otherwise Vg), 35 Perry RC (HOF, Vg), 37 Layne (HOF, Pr), 43 Motley RC (HOF, Ex), 51 Fears RC (HOF, mark on reverse, otherwise Vg-Ex), 52 Hirsch RC (HOF, Vg-Ex), 97 Connor (HOF, Vg), and Conerly (Ex). 3) 1953 Bowman (32 cards, including 31 different): Condition is 44% Vg-Ex to Ex (including a couple better), 34% Vg, and 22% Fr to Gd. Keys: #15 Lavelli (HOF, 2/98 T/B, otherwise Vg), 21 Layne (HOF, Gd+), and 95 Groza (HOF, personalized ballpoint pen signature, otherwise Pr). This is substantial collection of early Bowman football cards highlighted by many Hall of Famers. Total: 189 cards. Reserve $200. Estimate $400+.

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