1920s E220 National Caramel and E120 American Caramel Collection (42)

Sold For: $840

Auction Year: 2017 spring

Lot: 2592

Item Year: 1922

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Collection of forty-two different caramel cards from two classic prewar sets. 1) 1921-1923 E220 National Caramel (12 cards): Cadore (Vg+), Doak (0/100 L/R, otherwise Vg), Dykes (Fr), Kerr (Pr), Kopf (Fr), Meadows (Pr), Oeschger (Pr), Olson (Fr), Peckinpaugh (Fr-Gd), Shocker (Pr), Snyder (Vg+), and Veach (Fr). The E220 set is sometimes confused with the American Caramel issues of the early 1920s, but the advertisement for "National Caramel" on the reverse easily identifies the series. In fact, half the photos used to produce the E220s are identical to those used in several American Caramel sets. This is a mixed-grade collection, which is par for the course when dealing with E220s. E220s are much rarer than most other similarly designed sets of the era (such as E121), and for some reason (as anyone who collects the set already knows) they are rarely seen in anything approaching high grade, and very often have slightly irregular cuts. That's just how they were made. Even the lowest-grade cards in this group are well worth having. 2) 1922 E120 American Caramel - Series of 240 (30 cards): Ainsmith (Vg), Boeckel (Vg-Ex), Callaghan (Gd), Clemons (Vg), Flack (Vg+), Fletcher (Gd), Fournier (pen writing on front, otherwise Vg), Gowdy (pen writing on front, otherwise Vg), Griffith (Vg), Hollocher (Vg+), Kopff (Vg), Lavan (Gd), Luque (Vg+), Marquard (HOF, Vg+), McHenry (Vg), Nehf (Vg), Oeschger (Vg-Ex), O’Neil (Vg), Neale (Fr), Parkinson (Vg), Rixey (HOF, Gd), Sherdel (Vg+), J. Smith (Gd+), S. Smith (Vg), Stock (Gd+), Toney (Vg), Walker (Vg-Ex), Watson (Gd), Williams (Gd+), and Wrightstone (Gd+). The E120 American Caramel Company set issued in 1922 is universally recognized as the most classic set from the 1920s. The E120 set’s 240 cards make it the only comprehensive set of the era and its striking design make it one of the most attractive baseball-card sets of any era. The set features fifteen members from each of the sixteen Major League teams. All the players are pictured in full-length poses. The National Leaguers are printed in a green tone; the American Leaguers in a sepia tone. This is a presentable group of cards from two of the most substantial and elusive sets from the 1920s. Total: 42 cards. Reserve $200. Estimate (open).

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