1930s-1940s Nonsport "Military-Theme" Strip Card Set Collection (7 Sets, 288 Cards)

Sold For: $840

Auction Year: 2017 spring

Lot: 2475

Item Year: 1939

Category: Non-Sports Cards/Sheets/Card Artwork

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Presented are seven complete nonsport sets dating from the late 1930s to the early 1940s, all of which are military related and are of a style unique to the era, often referred to as "strip cards" because these sets were originally issued in uncut perforated strips. Though the 1930s and early 1940s were dominated by traditional bubble-gum cards, quite a few card sets were issued in this format. Most are very similar in design, and were numbered with card numbers beginning with high numbers (such as 101, 201, etc.) as opposed to beginning with number "1." These cards are printed on a relatively inexpensive, porous stock, and are characterized by a somewhat primitive style of illustration. These sets are naturally popular with nonsport card collectors, and also appeal very much to general collectors of military related items. Offered is a very advanced collection of these unusual strip cards, composed of seven complete sets (288 cards in total, twenty-four or forty-eight cards per set): 1) R99 "The Nightmare of Warfare" (Anonymous, 1938) complete set of 48 (numbered 901-948). Condition is: 10% Ex to Ex-Mt, 42% Vg to Vg-Ex, and 48% lesser (including one with a slight trim). 2) R54 "Foreign Legion" (W. S. & Co., 1939) complete set of 48 (numbered 325-372): Condition is: 35% Ex to Ex-Mt, 42% Vg to Vg-Ex, and 23% lesser. 3) R58 "Generals & Their Flags" (W. S. & Co., 1939) complete set of 24 (numbered 425-448). Most of the cards (21 of 24) have been trimmed along the perforated edges, and have been graded independently of that characteristic. Condition is: 75% Ex-Mt or better and 25% Ex (including one Vg). 4) R67 "Heroes of the Sea" (W. S. & Co., 1939) complete set of 24 (numbered 449-472). Condition is: 17% Ex-Mt, 46% Ex, and 37% Vg-Ex (including one Vg). 5) R12 "America at War" (W. S. & Co., 1942) complete set of 48 (numbered 501-548): Condition is: 56% Ex to Ex-Mt and 44% Vg to Vg-Ex (including three lesser). 6) R18 "Army, Navy and Air Corps" (W. S. & Co., 1942) complete set of 48 (numbered 601-648): Condition is: 42% Ex to Ex-Mt and 58% Vg to Vg-Ex (including four lesser and four that measure small). A few cards have been trimmed along the perforated edges. 7) R168 "War Scenes" (M. P. & Co.) complete set of 48 (numbered 101-148). Originally issued as six 8-card panels, these panels have been neatly detached or trimmed down the middle, leaving twelve 4-card panels. The condition of the twelve panels is: four Ex, seven Vg-Ex, and one Vg. This is a fascinating advanced collection of this interesting genre. These military-related sets were assembled over a span of many years by a longtime advanced collector. Total: 7 sets, 288 cards. Reserve $500. Estimate $1,000+.

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