1936 R60 Gum, Inc. "G-Men & Heroes of the Law" Complete Set (168) Plus 24 Variations

Sold For: $2,700

Auction Year: 2017 spring

Lot: 2465

Item Year: 1936

Category: Non-Sports Cards/Sheets/Card Artwork

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Extremely attractive and very rarely offered complete set of all 168 cards comprising the 1936 “G-Men & Heroes of the Law” set issued by Gum, Inc. This is one of nonsport-card collecting's all-time classic sets, presenting exciting "official stories" about "G-Men and Famous Police Organizations and Heroes of the Law." One thing the 1930s had plenty of was exciting gangster stories. These cards chronicle law-enforcement adventures in an era that glamorized, at times, both the representatives of law enforcement and the criminals as well. In the world of card collecting, "G-Men" (as the set is often referred to) has always been a very special set. Advanced collectors are well aware that "G-Men & Heroes of the Law" is not a set that is often seen complete, let alone offered in set form. In fact, for decades (really, since 1936) collectors have had to contend with the fact that the set includes five extreme rarities (#28, 57, 88, 94, and 100) and numerous additional rare cards, not to mention the forty-eight rare high-number cards (#201-451), making the completion of the entire set incredibly challenging, and bordering on the impossible. In addition to being one of the most interesting and sought-after of all 1930s gum-card issues, this is a set that simply is rarely completed at all. Condition composite: The low-number series cards (#1-196) grade as follows: 25% Vg-Ex to Ex, 48% Gd to Vg, and 27% lesser. The high-series cards (#201-451) grade as follows: 12% Vg-Ex to Ex, 42% Gd to Vg, and 46% lesser. Keys: #28 G-Men Deliver Death (two pen lines on reverse, otherwise Fr), #57 Mining For Murder (Pr), #88 Target of Death (Fr), #94 G-Men Strike In The Dark (Pr), and #100 The Dragnet Snares Its Prey (Gd). Also included with the set are an additional twenty-four variation cards (#1-24) which have no sign of incorporation (without the sign is much rarer). The variation cards grade as follows: eleven Vg to Vg-Ex and thirteen lesser (averaging Fr-Gd). Gum, Inc.'s 1930s “G-Men & Heroes of the Law” series is one of the most popular nonsport sets ever issued. Its outstanding color, detailed artwork, popular subject matter, and the exciting adventures presented on the backs, all contribute to making this set one of nonsport collecting's all-time classics. This is an attractive low- to mid-grade set of this very colorful and popular 1930s gum issue. Total: 192 cards.
Reserve $1,000. Estimate $2,000/$3,000+.

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