1930s R115 Gold Brand Jig Saw Nougat "Presidents" Complete Set (14)

Sold For: $1,440

Auction Year: 2017 spring

Lot: 2444

Item Year: 1933

Category: Non-Sports Cards/Sheets/Card Artwork

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Extremely scarce complete set of fourteen R115 Jig Saw Nougat "Presidents." Issued in the 1930s by Gold Brand Confectionery each card features a portrait image of a president set against a striking red background. The reverse bears a biographical summary of the featured president. The text on the backs was printed with either blue or black print. This set includes three cards with the scarcer black print. Condition is: #16 Lincoln (black back, Vg), 17 Johnson (Vg-Ex), 18 Grant (Vg), 19 Hayes (Fr), 20 Garfield (Vg-Ex), 21 Arthur (Pr), 22/24 Cleveland (Fr-Gd), 23 Harrison (black back, Gd), 25 McKinley (Vg), 26 T. Roosevelt (Fr), 27 Taft (Fr-Gd), 28 Wilson (black back, Gd), 29 Harding (trimmed, Pr), and 30 Coolidge (Vg+). The R115 "Presidents" are rarely offered as a complete set, and are highly prized by both historical collectors and nonsport card collectors. Total: 14 cards.
Reserve $200. Estimate $400+.

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