Gigantic Circa 1910 Nonsport Tobacco-Card Collection (10,685 cards)

Sold For: $5,100

Auction Year: 2017 spring

Lot: 2436

Item Year: 1910

Category: Non-Sports Cards/Sheets/Card Artwork

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Presented is an extremely substantial collection of 10,685 tobacco cards from fifty-one different 1910-era tobacco-card sets. (This is not a misprint! Ten thousand-six hundred-and eighty-five cards!) Truly a collection unto itself, this incredible assembly of tobacco cards includes samples, groups, and near-complete sets from some of the early twentieth-century's most popular nonsport-card sets. While the condition of the cards in this collection spans several grades, it is a pleasing group overall in relatively consistent condition, averaging Good overall (cards range from Pr to Ex). Many cards present well when viewed from the front but would technically grade lesser due to flaws on the reverse, such as pencil notations, album residue, or paper loss, all extremely common flaws when dealing with early tobacco cards.

This collection consists of the following: 1) T25 Actors (147 cards). 2) T27 Actresses (125 cards). 3) T28 Aeroplane Series (15 cards): Includes a near-complete set (8/10) cards. 4) T29 Animals (575 cards): 250 cards have descriptive backs and 325 cards have non-descriptive backs. 5) T30 Arctic Scenes (80 cards). 6) T31 Art Gallery Pictures (36 cards): includes a near-complete set (12/15) cards. 7) T37 Automobile Series (2 cards). 8) T38 The Aviators (8 cards). 9) T42 Bird Series (785 cards): 400 with white borders and 385 with gold borders. 10) T43 Bird Series (115 cards). 11) T46 British Buildings (317 packs with one card inside each pack, plus 78 singles, total 395 items). 12) T47 British Sovereigns (215 cards). 13) T48 Butterfly Series (155 cards). 14) T51 College Series (162 cards). 15) T52 Costumes and Scenery (158 cards): 102 cards with Helmar backs and 56 cards with Turkish backs. 16) T53 Cowboy Series (187 cards). 17) T56 Emblem Series (52 cards). 18) T57 Fable Series (82 cards). 19) T58 Fish Series (712 cards): 400 cards have Piedmont backs, 278 with Sweet Caporal backs, and 34 with Sovereign backs. 20) T59 Flags of All Nations (2,400 cards). 21) T61 Foreign Stamps Series A (57 cards). 22) T62 Fortune Series (300 cards). 23) T68 Heroes & Men of History (30 cards): 20 cards are from the Heroes series and 9 are from the Men series. 24) T69 Historic Homes (213 cards). 25) T72 Hudson Fulton Series (1 card). 26) T73 Indian Life in the 60s (285 cards). 27) T74 Indian Series (1 card). 28) T77 Lighthouse Series (159 cards). 29) T78 Little Henry Series (170 cards). 30) T79 Military Series (65 cards). 31) T80 Military Series (3 cards). 32) T81 Military Series (76 cards):18 standard cards and 58 die-cuts. 33) T82 Series of Movie Stars (20 cards). 34) T88 Mutt & Jeff Series (4 cards). 35) T89 National Types (24 cards). 36) T96 Prize Dog Series (13 cards). 37) T98 Rulers of the World (29 cards). 38) T99 Sight and Scenes of the World (135 cards). 39) T105 Standard Bearers (75 cards). 40) T107 Seals of the United States and Coats of Arms of All Countries of the World (1,117 cards). 41) T108 Theatres Old and New Series (8 cards). 42) T112 Toast Series (1,155 cards). 43) T113 Types of Nations (145 cards). 44) T114 Comics (17 cards). 45) T121 World War 1 Scenes (44 cards). 46) T118 The World's Greatest Explorers (4 cards). 47) T175 Heroes of the Spanish War (60 cards): All are hand-cut; includes one T. Roosevelt and three W. McKinley. 48) T176 Actresses (14 cards): All are hand-cut. 49) T177 Dominoes/Flags Series (9 cards): All are hand-cut. 50) 1913 T221 Pan Handle Scrap Champion Women Swimmers (12 cards). 51) 1913 T230 Pan Handle Scrap World's Champion Athletes (34 cards).

Rarely are so many 1910-era tobacco cards even seen in one place, let alone offered as a single lot. This is an incredible and (as can easily be seen) extremely large collection of early tobacco cards, with many highlights, offering tremendous break value, if desired, or providing outstanding foundations for the completion of these very popular 1910-era nonsport tobacco card sets. Total: 10,685 cards. Reserve $1,000. Estimate (open).

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