Circa 1910 T62 "Fortune Series" Printers Uncut Proof Sheets (23)

Sold For: $600

Auction Year: 2017 spring

Lot: 2402

Item Year: 1910

Category: Non-Sports Cards/Sheets/Card Artwork

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Collection of twenty-three extraordinarily rare uncut proof sheets featuring cards from the 1910 T62 “Fortune Series” nonsport tobacco issues. These are incredible! We can count on one hand how many 1910-era tobacco-card proof sheets we have ever seen. If these sheets featured baseball tobacco cards, they would sell for many tens of thousands of dollars. The cards featured on these sheets are from one of the most beautiful nonsport tobacco-card sets of the era. How these survived is unknown, but clearly they were saved by someone involved with the printing of this set. These are 12-card proof sheets with blank backs, printer color bars in the wide margins, and without the final captions added. Of the twenty-three proof sheets, thirteen of them are progressive color proofs, and each features a different color process. These rare color progression proof sheets were intended for use by the printer to help check and correct colors prior to printing production quantities. It is very rare to find such a large "matched set" run of color process sheets from any era, let alone 1910. The obvious condition flaws on the sheets vary from sheet to sheet but include creasing, light stains, minor edge chipping or tearing, and some light soiling - all expected condition flaws on sheets over 100 years old.

Accompanying the sheets is a letter dated March, 18, 1969, from one collector to another describing these rare sheets to him for a potential purchase, which reads in part; Printer's proof sheets for 12 Turkish Trophies cigarette cards, ca. 1910, color lithographs with 1 to 12 different colors tracing the entire lithographic process. 20 sheets, probably should be 22, plus an extra in 12 colors and marked "imperfect." The sheets show in sequence the individual colors first being laid-down alone and then in combination from the left, then the same procedure from the right. Each sheet measures approx. 12" wide x 15" high, there is minor but erasable soilage (sic) on a few, and occasional edge or corner chipping that does not affect the printed portion. Most likely a unique set. The lacking sheets seem to be: light brown on the left; pink on the right. There are also three duplicate copies of one plate which shows the six colors on the left and two on the right. This is fortunate since they can be matted and framed without interrupting the sequence listed above. The 24 sheets - $250.

Uncut tobacco-card proof sheets from 1910 are virtually nonexistent. These are very special nonsport tobacco-card items, which document the whole printing sequence for the set, and would be a significant addition to any world-class nonsport-card collection. Dimensions: Each 12 x 14.5 inches (a few of the sheets are slightly smaller). Total: 23 sheets. Reserve $500. Estimate (open).

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