Circa 1910 E90-2, E90-3, E95, E96, E97, E101, and E103 PSA- and SGC-Graded Caramel-Card Collection (12)

Sold For: $2,040

Auction Year: 2017 spring

Lot: 234

Item Year: 1910

Category: E Candy Cards

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Collection of twelve different 1910-era caramel cards consisting of one E90-2 American Caramel, one E90-3 American Caramel, three E95 Philadelphia Caramels, one E96 Philadelphia Caramel, one E97 Briggs Co., four E101 Anonymous "Set of 50," and one E103 Williams Caramel. Each card has been graded and encapsulated by PSA or SGC (except for two GAI): 1) E90-2 American Caramel: Leach (SGC GOOD 30, perfect centering, and with a brilliant image set against a deep blue background, downgraded due to a very light red mark on the reverse). 2) E90-3 American Caramel: Schulte (PSA VG-EX+ 4.5, incredibly sharp card! Bright and clean front and back, with a perfectly registered image set against a bright gold background, and four square corners; a corner bend in lower right keeps this card from Ex-Mt). 3) E95 Philadelphia Caramel (3 cards): Krause (GAI EX 5, bright and crisp with light wear on the corners and centered slightly to the left), McIntyre (GAI EX-MT 6, well centered with vibrant colors and a clean reverse, the paper in the lower right corner has slightly lifted off the surface), and Merkle (PSA VG-EX+ 4.5, centered slightly to the right, with flawless registration, and perfect colors). 4) E96 Philadelphia Caramel: Kling (PSA EX-MT 6 [MK], evidence of pencil erasure in the lower left of the reverse, otherwise centered slightly to the left, and with vibrant colors). 5) E97 Briggs Co.: Sullivan/Chicago (SGC VG/EX 50, outstanding centering with flawless colors, and a small diagonal crease in the lower right corner). 6) E101 Anonymous "Set of 50" (4 cards): Doyle/bat (SGC Authentic, slight trim, otherwise perfectly clean front and back with a flawless image), Gibson (SGC VG+ 45, centered to the right with a perfect image set against a bright orange background), Kleinow (SGC VG/EX+ 55, centered to the right with vibrant colors), and Knight (PSA EX 5, outstanding centering with bold colors and flawless registration). 7) E103 Williams Caramel: Lord (SGC VG 40, outstanding centering, with a perfect image set against a bold red background and four square corners, downgraded due to a tiny flake of extra paper on the reverse which appears to be stuck to the card). This is a very attractive high-quality collection of caramel cards from seven of the era's most popular and classic sets. Total: 12 cards. Reserve $500. Estimate $1,000++.

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