1887 to 1955 Vintage Boxing-Card Collection (74) Including 46 Hall of Famers

Sold For: $1,440

Auction Year: 2017 spring

Lot: 2298

Item Year: 1887

Category: Football/Basketball/Hockey/Boxing/Other Sports

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Diverse collection of seventy-four different boxing and wrestling cards from twenty-eight different sets, spanning the years 1887 to 1955, and highlighted by forty-six Hall of Famers, including Jack Johnson, John L. Sullivan, Jack Dempsey, Gene Tunney, Joe Louis, and Rocky Marciano's rookie card. The collection consists of the following: 1) 1887 N174 Old Judge (2 cards): Cleary (trimmed, pencil writing on back) and Fogarty (trimmed, ink and pencil writing on back). 2) 1888 N162 Goodwin Champions (1 card): Sullivan (Gd+). 3) 1890 N310 Mayo's Cut Plug (1 card): Smith (Pr-Fr). 4) Circa 1892 Cabinet (1 cabinet): Sullivan (Bio on back, Vg+). 5) 1910 E-Unc (1 card): Jack Johnson (Pr-Fr). 6) 1910 T226 Red Sun Cigarettes (1 card): Wolgast (Gd). 7) 1910 T229 Pet Cigarettes (1 card): Jeffries (Vg+). 8) 1910 E78 (1 card): Nelson (Vg). 9) 1911 T9 Turkey Red (1 card): #56 Sullivan (Pr-Gd). 10) 1921 W551 (10 cards): Comprises a complete set of boxers. Condition is Vg-Ex to Ex, without downgrading for cutting flaws natural to strip cards. 11) 1921 Exhibits (2 cards): Johnson (Pr-Fr) and Sullivan (Vg-Ex). 12) 1923 W515 (10 cards): Comprises a complete set of boxers. Condition is eight Vg-Ex to Ex and two Pr to Fr. 13) 1924 W-Unc (2 cards): Nelson (miscut, otherwise Gd) and Willard (Fr). 14) 1926-1931 Exhibits (1 card): Tunney (Ex). 15) 1926 Spalding Champions (1 card): Santel (Fr). 16) 1930s-1940s "Hometown" Exhibits (3 cards): Louis (Ex), Ortiz (Pr-Fr), and Pep (Pr-Fr). 17) 1939-1946 Salutation Exhibits (1 card): LaMotta (Pr-Fr). 18) 1940s-1950s "MADE IN U.S.A." Exhibits (4 cards): Hostak (Pr-Fr), Lesnevich (Pr), Maxim (Pr-Fr), and Overlin (Pr-Fr). 19) 1940's Jack Dempsey Restaurant Postcard: Fr. 20) 1947 Bond Bread (2 cards): LaMotta (Vg-Ex) and Louis (Nr/Mt). 21) 1948 Leaf (9 cards): #17 Johnson (Vg-Ex), 24 Mandell (Ex+), 33 Lewis (Vg+), 48 Louis (Vg), 73 Tunney (Vg-Ex+), 80 Garcia (Gd), 93 Baer (Vg), 98 Forbes (Gd), and 101 Sullivan (Gd). 22) 1948-1949 Exhibits (2 cards): Dempsey (Vg-Ex+) and Louis (Vg-Ex). 23) 1950's "Made in U.S.A." Exhibits (2 cards): Moore (Pr-Fr) and Robinson (pencil on back, otherwise Ex-Mt). 24) 1950s "Italics" Exhibits (2 cards): Norkus (Pr-Fr) and Olson (Gd). 25) 1951 Topps Ringside (2 cards): #32 Marciano RC (Pr due to pinholes) and 43 Robinson (Fr). 26) Circa late 1950's Exhibits (2 cards): Logart (Fr-Gd) and Mims (Pr-Fr). 27) 1954 Parkhurst Wrestling (7 cards): #8 Hombre Montana (Ex), 10 Chief Big Heart (Vg-Ex), 33 Wee Willie Davis (Luck Premium back, Gd), 44 Steve Stanlee (Vg), 61 Wild Bill Longson (Vg-Ex), 73 Chief Sunni War Cloud (Vg), and 75 Baron Leone (Vg-Ex). 28) 1955 Parkhurst Wrestling (1 card): #69 Morgan (Vg). Compared to vintage baseball cards from the same era, boxing cards are beginning to be widely recognized as offering an outstanding value. Even the most advanced collectors find it hard not to appreciate the exceptional quality, design, and rarity of vintage boxing cards. If these were baseball cards of the same rarity, many individual cards in the collection would be valued in the thousands. This is a sizable collection of vintage boxing cards highlighted by many Hall of Famers. Total: 74 cards. Reserve $300. Estimate (open).

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