Large Hall of Fame Signed Check Collection (55) Including Grove, Traynor, Rixey, Simmons and Hartnett

Sold For: $2,400

Auction Year: 2017 spring

Lot: 1508

Item Year: 1932

Category: Autographed Baseballs/Flats/Photos

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Large collection of 55 Hall of Famer signed checks, representing 54 different players. Thirty-four of the checks are personal checks, in that they display the respective player's preprinted name and address on the front. The remainder are either bank, counter, or business checks. All of the signatures appear on the front of the check, with the exception of one, which is an endorsement (duly noted in the listing). The signatures, penned in a variety of inks, are all boldly scripted and grade "9/10" on average. In our listing, we have noted the date of each check in parenthesis. The 55 Hall of Famer signed checks in this collection are as follows:

Aaron (11/11/77), Alston (1/31/72), Aparicio (3/26/90), Ashburn (9/23/90), Averill (5/8/73), Boudreau (7/6/87), Carey (6/9/31), Carlton (10/31/95), Chandler (7/8/87), Combs (10/11/54), Cronin (4/26/63), Dandridge (12/22/83), Dickey (6/21/87), Doerr (11/25/77), Fingers (4/1/80), Ford (6/13/85), Frisch (6/26/72), Grimes (8/17/74), Grove (12/30/57), Haines (4/12/73), Hartnett (1/11/71), Herman (8/29/80), Hoyt (10/30/80), Hubbell (1/24/79), Irvin (5/6/86), Jenkins (two checks; 7/31/77 and 5/12/86), J. Johnson (7/30/86), G. Kelly (12/14/29), Kiner (2/10/84), Leonard (2/20/89), Lyons (12/7/66). Manush (6/11/62), McCovey (4/5/91), Musial (12/12/72), Newhouser (9/24/86), Palmer (5/10/90), Perry (8/30/84), Rickey (5/10/65), Rixey (2/7/56), Rizzuto (as an endorsement on a New York Yankees payrolll check; 11/1/74), Roberts (8/3/90), B. Robinson (4/6/90), F. Robinson (7/25/69), Roush (2/7/81), Sewell (5/23/57), Simmons (6/2/50), Slaughter (3/6/79), Snider (2/1/83), Spahn (2/3/51), Terry (12/8/83), Traynor (2/27/71), L. Waner (10/5/74), Wheat (4/20/57), and Wilhelm (2/26/87).

Also included in the collection is a Pete Rose personal check (9/21/64), a Yankee Clipper Enterprises check featuring a secretarial Joe DiMaggio signature (10/18/87), a Dom DiMaggio personal check (9/24/93), a Chicago National League Ball Club check signed by William L. Veeck (father of Hall of Fame executive Bill Veeck; 5/15/23), and three 1953 New York Giants payroll checks, each signed by Horace Stoneham: one is made out to Leo Durocher (not endorsed), one to Charles Feeney (endorsed on reverse), and the third to William Rigney (endorsed on the reverse). The checks, which range in approximate size from 8.5 x 3.5 to 6 x 2.5 inches, all display standard bank cancellation stamps and/or holes. Many also displays a vertical fold. In Excellent condition overall. Total: 62 checks (55 signed by Hall of Fame players and seven others signed by non Hall of Fame players. Auction LOA from James Spence/JSA. Pre certified by Steve Grad and Brian Sobrero/Beckett Authentication. Pre certified by Steve Grad and Brian Sobrero/Beckett Authentication. Reserve $1,500. Estimate $3,000++.

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