Helmar "T206" Collection (102) Including 25 Colgan's Chips with Ruth, Wagner, Mathewson, and Mantle

Sold For: $840

Auction Year: 2017 spring

Lot: 1473

Item Year: 2017

Category: Postwar Baseball Cards (1948-present)

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Helmar Brewing Company Art Cards: Modern Collector-Issue Classics.

Collection of 102 different cards (1.5 x 2.75 inches), similar in design to the popular "T206" white-border tobacco cards, issued by the Helmar Brewing Company. Both major and minor league players are featured in the set, including those from the short-lived Federal League (1914-1915). Various advertising designs adorn the reverse of each card. Included in this collection are 25 "T206" Colgan's Chips cards. The Colgan's Chips cards are distinguished by the distinctive "Colgan's Chips" full-color front overlay and full-color advertisement on the reverse. The "T206" Helmar Colgan's Chips cards are among the rarest of all Helmar issues because of their unique production method. The set was created in unison with the company's standard "T-206" set, however, for the Colgan's Chips issue, the company only produced a total of four cards of each player instead of the usual twenty to twenty-five cards. Furthermore, for each player card there were two different back variations. Therefore, technically, only two of the same cards exist for each player in the set. Both Helmar's standard "T206" set and the "T206" Colgan's Chips set are still in production. All of the Colgan's Chips cards are duly noted in our inventory. Although a number of players are represented more than once, they are either featured in different poses or with Colgan's Chips reverses; therefore the cards are not duplicates. The collection, broken down by team affiliation, is comprised of the following cards:

Boston A.L. (6) Bedient, Gardner (2, one Colgan's Chips), Henriksen, Ruth, and A. Smith. Brooklyn Fed. Lg. (2) Konetchy and D. Murphy. Brooklyn N.L. (7) Gowdy, Jacklitsch, Kennedy, Medwick (Colgan's Chips), Meyers, Phelps, and Reulbach. Buffalo Fed. Lg. (1) Bedient. Chi. Fed. Lg. (2) Tinker and C. Weeghman. Chi. N.L. (19) Archer (Colgan's Chips), Brown, Chance, Evers/throwing, Evers/with bat (Colgan's Chips), Hofman, Howard, Lundgren/no cap (Colgan's Chips), Lundgren/with cap (2, one Colgan's Chips), Mathewson, Merkle (Colgan's Chips),Moran, Overall, Reulbach, Slagle, Tinker (2, one Colgan's Chips), and P. Wrigley (Colgan's Chips). Cinn. N.L. (4) Chase, Daubert (Colgan's Chips), Leach (Colgan's Chips), and Overall (Colgan's Chips). Cleve. A.L. (9) Bagby/hands behind back, Bagby/throwing (2, one Colgan's Chips), Burns, Graney, O'Neill (2, one Colgan's Chips), L. Sewell, and E.J. Smith (Colgan's Chips). Detroit A.L. (6) Crawford, J. Delahanty, Donovan, T. Jones (2, one Colgan's Chips), and McCosky. Negro Lg. (7 total) Bell (St. Louis Negro Lg, Colgan's Chips), Donaldson (Bertha, MN, Colgan's Chips), Gatewood (Leland Giants), Hardy (Black Yankees), Lytle (Chi. Union Giants), Rogan (K.C. Monarchs), and Rose (Chi. Union Giants). N.Y. A.L. (3) Baker, Keeler (Colgan's Chips), and Mantle (Colgan's Chips). N.Y. N.L. (5) Ames, Fromme, Rusie, Shannon, and Wiltse. P.C.L. (2) Lazzeri (Salt Lake City Bees) and Yellowhorse (Sacramento). Phila. A.L. (3) Lajoie (Colgan's Chips), Murphy, and Shibe (Colgan's Chips). Phila N.L. (7) Ed Delahanty, Dooin & Peggy (dog), Grant, Jennings, Moran, Seaton/running, and Seaton/throwing. Pittsburgh N.L. (4) Clarke, Kreuger (2, one Colgan's Chips), and Wagner. St. Louis A.L. (1) Wallace . St. Louis N.L. (1) Joe Delehanty. Wash. A.L. (2) Gessler and Groom-LaPorte. Minor Leaguers (8 total) Bashang (Omaha Rourkes), DeFate (Omaha Rourkes), Egan (Baltimore I.L), Kerr (Simmons Bed Makers), Musial (Rochester), Powers (Omaha Rourkes), and Slagle (Grand Rapids Bob-O-Links), and D. Williams (Mobile Bears, Colgan's Chips).
Misc. Cards (3) Cobb & Lajoie Meet, Deering/N.Y. & Detroit Amer., and Emslie (Umpire Natl., Colgan's Chips). Like all of the Helmar issues, these cards were intentionally produced with a distressed look, with most having rounded corners and rubbed edges. Near Mint condition overall. Total: 102 cards. Reserve $300. Estimate (open).

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