1970 Topps Collection (1,243 cards) Including 64 Hall of Famers

Sold For: $2,400

Auction Year: 2017 spring

Lot: 1428

Item Year: 1970

Category: Postwar Baseball Cards (1948-present)

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Presented is an extremely substantial collection of approximately 1,243 cards from the 1970 Topps set, one of the most popular Topps sets of the decade. More than sixty Hall of Famers are present within this collection, as well as numerous other stars of the era, many of which appear with heavy duplication. Condition of the 1,198 Low and Middle Numbers (#1-633) is 29% Nr/Mt to Nr/Mt-Mt, 31% Ex-Mt, and 40% Vg-Ex to Ex (including 3% slightly lesser, a few with a slight trim, and a few miscut). Condition of the 45 High Numbers (#634-720) is 49% Nr/Mt to Nr/Mt-Mt, 35% Ex to Ex-Mt, and 16% lesser. Hall of Famers and Keys (68 cards): #1 World Champions (Ex+), 9 Checklist (Vg-Ex), 10 Yaz (Nr/Mt), four 21 Blue/Tenace RC (Nr/Mt, Ex-Mt, and two Ex+), two 61 NL Batting Ldrs (Ex-Mt and Ex+), two 62 AL Batting Ldrs (both Ex+), 64 AL RBI Ldrs (Ex+), 65 NL HR Ldrs (Nr/Mt), two 65 NL HR Ldrs (both Ex), four 66 AL HR Ldrs (three Ex-Mt and miscut, otherwise Vg-Ex+), two 67 NL ERA Ldrs (both Ex-Mt), three 68 AL ERA Ldrs (Nr/Mt and two Ex-Mt), 71 NL Strikeout Ldrs (Ex-Mt), 140 Jackson (Ex-Mt), 148 Weaver (Ex-Mt), two 150 Killebrew (Ex-Mt and miscut, otherwise Ex+), 170 B. Williams (Ex-Mt), 181 Anderson (Ex-Mt), 189 Munson RC (slight trim, otherwise Ex-Mt), three 190 Torre (Nr/Mt and two Ex-Mt), 197 Ryan Saves the Day (Ex+), two 210 Marichal (Nr/Mt and Ex-Mt), 211 T. Williams (Ex-Mt), three 220 Carlton (Nr/Mt-Mt, Nr/Mt, and Ex-Mt), two 230 B. Robinson (Nr/Mt and 80/20 L/R, otherwise Nr/Mt), 240 Jenkins (Ex), 242 Alston (Nr/Mt), 244b Checklist (Nr/Mt-Mt), two 250 McCovey (both Ex), 286 Buckner RC (Nr/Mt-Mt), 290 Carew (Ex-Mt), 291 Durocher (Ex-Mt), 300 Seaver (Ex-Mt+), 315 Aparicio (Nr/Mt+), 330 Brock (Ex+), 343a Checklist (Nr/Mt), two 350 Clemente (Nr/Mt and Ex+), two 380 Perez (both Ex-Mt), six 394 Hodges (two Ex-Mt, three Ex, and Vg), 403 Bunning (Vg-Ex), two 432b Checklist (Nr/Mt-Mt and Ex-Mt), three 440 Mazeroski (two Nr/Mt and Ex-Mt), four 449 Palmer (two Nr/Mt and two Ex-Mt), two 453 Carew AS (both Nr/Mt), 454 Santo AS (Ex+), two 455 B. Robinson AS (Nr/Mt and Ex), two 458 Rose AS (both Ex-Mt), two 459 Jackson AS (both Vg-Ex), 461 Yaz AS (Nr/Mt), 462 Aaron AS (Ex-Mt), two 463 F. Robinson AS (Ex-Mt and Ex), two 466 Marichal AS (Ex and miscut, otherwise Ex), two 470 Stargell (Ex-Mt and Ex), 500 Aaron (Nr/Mt+), two 502 Fingers (Nr/Mt and Ex+), three 537 Morgan (Nr/Mt-Mt, Nr/Mt, and Ex-Mt), 539 Bowa RC (slight trim, otherwise Ex-Mt), 542a Checklist (Ex), 555 Cepeda (possible slight trim, otherwise Nr/Mt), 560 Perry (Nr/Mt-Mt+), 600 Mays (85/15 L/R, otherwise Nr/Mt), 622 Sutton (Nr/Mt), 640 Kaline (Nr/Mt), and 660 Bench (Nr/Mt). This is a very high-quality collection of cards from this popular 1970s Topps issue! Total: approximately 1,243 cards.
Reserve $400. Estimate $1,000+.

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