1963-1971 Topps Insert and Unusual Set Collection (8 Sets, 631 items)

Sold For: $2,400

Auction Year: 2017 spring

Lot: 1375

Item Year: 1963

Category: Postwar Baseball Cards (1948-present)

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Collection of eight complete sets (except for three near-complete sets) of Topps insert/oddball issues. Far scarcer than standard Topps issues of the era, the unusual oddball sets Topps was forever coming up with in the 1960s and early 1970s continue to add a tremendous dimension of interest to collecting today, just as they did when they were originally issued. Many of these sets are very scarce because they were issued only one insert per pack. 1) 1963 Topps Peel-Offs Complete Set (46): Grades 44% Ex-Mt to Nr/Mt, 41% Vg-Ex to Ex, and 15% Gd to Vg. Keys: Aaron (Vg), Clemente (Ex-Mt), Koufax (Ex), Mantle (0/100 L/R, otherwise Nr/Mt+), Mays (Ex), Mazeroski (PSA NM-MT 8 [OC]), Musial (Gd+), Purkey (blank back, Nr/Mt), and B. Robinson (blank back, Vg-Ex). 2) 1964 Topps Coins Complete Set (164 coins plus one variation for a total of 165): Complete set plus variation for #131 Mantle. Grades 15% Ex-Mt to Nr/Mt and 85% Vg to Ex (with the only problems being rust spots on the backs and along the rims, which is characteristic of this set). Keys: #120 Mantle (Nr/Mt), 131a Mantle AS LH (Vg-Ex), and 131b Mantle AS RH (Vg-Ex). 3) 1965 Topps Embossed Complete Set (72): Grades 56% Ex-Mt to Nr/Mt and 44% Ex (almost entirely due to centering). Keys: #8 Koufax (Ex-Mt), 11 Mantle (trimmed, otherwise Vg), 19 Clemente (Ex), 27 Mays (Ex), 49 Davis (PSA NM 7), 59 Aaron (Ex), and 65 Richardson (signed, otherwise Vg). 4) 1966 Topps Rub-Offs Near-Complete Set (114/120): Missing Allen, Bunning, Drysdale, Mantilla, Stuart, and Indians for completion. Grades 27% Ex-Mt to Nr/Mt (including a couple better), 28% Vg-Ex to Ex, and 45% lesser (including some with miscut centering). Keys: Aaron (next card showing, otherwise Ex-Mt), Clemente (Nr/Mt), Koufax (0/100 L/R, otherwise Ex-Mt), Mantle (next card showing, otherwise Ex-Mt), Mays (Gd), and Rose (Vg). 5) 1968 Topps Game Near-Complete Set (31/33): Missing #23 and 24 for completion. 39% Nr/Mt or better and 61% Ex to Ex-Mt (including a couple Vg-Ex). Keys: #2 Mantle (Ex-Mt), 4 Aaron (Ex+), 6 Clemente (Nr/Mt), 8 Mays (Nr/Mt), and 30 Rose (Ex-Mt). 6) 1969 Topps Deckle Edge Complete Set (33 plus two variations for 35 total): Grades 20% Nr/Mt, 46% Ex to Ex-Mt, and 34% Vg to Vg-Ex (including two Gd). Keys: #11b Wynn (Gd), 21 Rose (Ex), 22b Foy (Ex-Mt), 27 Clemente (Ex+), and 33 Mays (Ex). 7) 1971 Topps Coins Complete Set (153 coins): Condition ranges from Ex to Nr/Mt (including a few slightly lesser, with the only problems being some minor rust spots along the rims, which is characteristic of this set). 8) 1971 Topps Baseball Tattoos Complete Set Minus One (15/16): Missing only #6 for completion. Grades 73% Ex to Nr/Mt (averaging Ex-Mt) and 27% Vg to Vg-Ex. Very neat collection of eight unusual Topps complete or near-complete sets. Total: 631 items.

Reserve $500. Estimate $1,000+.

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