1961 Topps Partial Set (329/587) Plus 346 Duplicates

Sold For: $3,600

Auction Year: 2017 spring

Lot: 1350

Item Year: 1961

Category: Postwar Baseball Cards (1948-present)

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Presented is a very attractive high-grade partial set of 1961 Topps, one of the era's most popular issues, highlighted by nineteen Hall of Famers and five different cards from the extremely difficult high-number series. Condition of the partial set is 30% Nr/Mt to Nr/Mt-Mt, 50% Ex to Ex-Mt, 13% Vg to Vg-Ex and 7% lesser (mostly due to pencil on the reverse). Keys: #2 Maris (35/65 L/R, otherwise Nr/Mt+), 8 D. Williams (Nr/Mt-Mt), 10 B. Robinson (Nr/Mt+), 20 Roberts (65/35 L/R, otherwise Nr/Mt+), 30 Fox (15/85 L/R, otherwise Nr/Mt-Mt), 35 Santo RC (Nr/Mt-Mt), 41 NL Batting Ldrs (Ex), 43 NL HR Ldrs (Vg-Ex), 44 AL HR Ldrs (Nr/Mt-Mt), 49 NL Strikeout Ldrs (Vg-Ex), 80 Killebrew (Vg-Ex+), 88 Ashburn (Nr/Mt), 89 Martin (Ex-Mt+), 120 Mathews (Ex), 136 Alston (75/25 L/R, otherwise Nr/Mt), 141 B. Williams RC (Vg), 150 Mays (Ex), 160 Ford (Vg-Ex+), 211 Gibson (erased pencil mark on back, otherwise Nr/Mt), 260 Drysdale (pencil mark on back, otherwise Nr/Mt), 287 Yaz (70/30 T/B, otherwise Nr/Mt+), 290 Musial (erased pencil mark on back, otherwise Nr/Mt), 300 Mantle (Vg), 307 W.S. Gm. 2 - Mantle (15/85 T/B, otherwise Ex), 344 Koufax (pencil mark on back, otherwise Ex+), 360 F. Robinson (25/75 L/R, otherwise Nr/Mt+), 460 Hodges (Vg-Ex), 475 Mantle MVP (Ex-Mt), 478 Maris MVP (Vg+), and 485 Banks MVP (25/75 L/R, otherwise Ex-Mt). Condition of the 346 duplicates (all but twenty cards are from the #1-110 series) is: 48% Nr/Mt to Nr/Mt-Mt, 45% Ex to Ex-Mt, and 7% Vg to Vg-Ex. Keys: two #1 Groat (both Ex-Mt), three 2 Maris (Ex+. Ex. and 10/90 L/R, otherwise Ex-Mt), three 8 D. Williams (Nr/Mt+, Ex-Mt, and Ex), four 10 B. Robinson (Nr/Mt+, Ex-Mt, and two Ex), two 17 Checklist (Nr/Mt and Ex-Mt), four 20 Roberts (three Nr/Mt and Ex-Mt), four 25 Pinson/Bell/F. Robinson (Nr/Mt, two Ex-Mt, and Ex+), 30 Fox (Ex-Mt), two 35 Santo RC (both Ex-Mt), four 41 NL Batting Ldrs (all Nr/Mt), three 43 NL HR Ldrs (Nr/Mt+ and two Nr/Mt), three 44 AL HR Ldrs (two Nr/Mt and Ex-Mt), three 45 NL ERA Ldrs (two Nr/Mt and Ex-Mt+), two 46 AL ERA Ldrs (both Nr/Mt), three 47 NL Pitching Ldrs (Nr/Mt-Mt, Nr/Mt, and Ex), three 49 NL Strikeout Ldrs (Nr/Mt+, Ex-Mt and Ex+), four 50 AL Strikeout Ldrs (two Ex-Mt and two Ex+), two 80 Killebrew (Ex-Mt+ and Ex+), five 88 Ashburn (Nr/Mt, two Ex-Mt, and two Ex), two 89 Martin (both Ex), 98c Checklist (both Ex-Mt), 120 Mathews (Gd), 136 Alston (Ex), 150 Mays (erased pencil on reverse, 10/90 L/R, otherwise Ex), and 189b Checklist (Vg-Ex). This is an outstanding collection, featuring a superb partial set that would provide an outstanding foundation for the assembly of a very attractive high-grade complete set of this very popular 1960s set! Total: 675 cards.

Reserve $300. Estimate $500+.

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