1961 to 1963 Post Cereal Complete and Near-Complete Set Collection (3 Sets, 565 Cards)

Sold For: $1,920

Auction Year: 2017 spring

Lot: 1177

Item Year: 1961

Category: Postwar Baseball Cards (1948-present)

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Outstanding collection of three complete or near-complete sets of Post Cereal, the popular 1960s package-design cards, composed of near-complete sets of 1961 (171 out of 200) and 1963 (191 out of 200), and a complete set of cards from 1962 (200). The Post Cereal sets are among the great classics of the 1960s. These sets are loaded with all the stars and Hall of Famers of the day. All the grades in the following condition composite are without respect to the neatness of the cut, as several of the cards are cut inside of the borders and would only qualify for "Authentic" if submitted for professional grading (this pertains less to the "company" cards, which are perforated and generally present neater, although some of these cards have also been cut).

This collection consists of the following: 1) 1961 Post Cereal Near-Complete Set (171 cards plus 3 variations): Condition is 36% Vg-Ex to Ex, 42% Gd to Vg, and 22% lesser. Missing the following twenty-nine cards for completion: #1 Berra, 22 Wynn, 23 Shaw, 36 Colavito, 49, 69, 73 Estrada, 81, 83, 84, 92 Killebrew, 93 Lemon, 94 Stobbs, 96, 101 Spahn, 104, 106 Mathews, 115, 117 Roberts, 131, 132 Clemente, 135 Virdon, 139, 143, 147 McCovey, 156, 163 Roach, 183 McMillan, and 193 Thomas. Near-complete set is composed of both "company cards," which were perforated cards available on sheets directly from Post via mail, and "box cards," which were available on the actual cereal boxes (on the back of the box) and were intended to be hand-cut. Also included are both variations of #51, 100, and 153. The cards of #5 Turley, 26 Sievers, 90 Bauer, 129 Groat, and 136 Cimoli are signed. Keys: #4 Mantle (company, Vg-Ex+), 7 Maris (company, additional trimming at perforations, otherwise Fr), 10 McDougald (box, Gd+), 35 Kaline (box, Fr), 55 Sullivan (box, Vg+), 57 Kuenn (box, Vg-Ex), 70 Woodling (box, Vg+), 75 B. Robinson (box, Vg-Ex), 107 Aaron (box, Vg), 145 Mays (box, Pr), 164 Wills (box, Vg-Ex), 167 Snider (box, Vg-Ex), 182 F. Robinson (box, Ex), and 191 Banks (box, Pr). 2) 1962 Post Cereal Complete Set (200 cards): Condition is 29% Ex to Ex-Mt (mostly Ex), 62% Vg to Vg-Ex, and 9% lesser. Keys: #5a Mantle (box, Vg-Ex), 5b Mantle (magazine, Pr), 6a Maris (box, Ex-Mt), 6b Maris (magazine, Vg), 7 Berra (Vg front with back damage), 26 Bunning (Vg-Ex), 55 Wynn (Ex), 61 Yastrzemski (Vg-Ex), 69 Keough (Ex), 83 Allison (Ex-Mt), 85 Killebrew (Vg-Ex), 92 Siebern (Vg), 101 Hodges (Vg-Ex), 109 Koufax (Vg+), 113 Larker (cut very small, otherwise Pr-Fr), 116 Coleman (Vg-Ex), 122 F. Robinson (Vg+ front with glue covering back), 127 Lynch (Vg), 131 McCovey (Vg-Ex+), 140 Marichal (Vg), 142 Mays (Gd), 149 Aaron (Vg-Ex), 158 White (Ex+), and 173 Clemente (Vg-Ex). 3) 1963 Post Cereal Near-Complete Set (191 cards): Missing the following nine cards for completion: #16 Maris, 53 Bunning, 61 Adair, 117, 119 Davis, 128 Kasko, 153 Crandall, 172 B. Williams, and 187 Aspromonte. 16% Ex (including a couple slightly better), 52% Vg to Vg-Ex, and 32% lesser. Near-complete set is composed of 181 Post Cereal cards and 10 Jello cards. Keys: #15 Mantle (Jello, Vg-Ex), 30 L. Thomas (Jello, Vg-Ex), 39 Robinson (Jello, Vg), 80 Yastrzemski (Jello, Pr), 86 Lumpe (Jello, Vg), 87 Jimenez (Jello, Gd), 106 Mays (Fr-Gd), 108 Haller (Jello, Gd+), 121 Koufax (Vg), 131 F. Robinson (Vg), 143 Clemente (Jello, Fr), 152 Aaron (Fr), 162 Flood (Jello, Gd+), 166 Gibson (Vg), and 196 F. Thomas (Jello, Vg+). This is an extremely attractive collection of cards from these classic early 1960s food issues, which in our opinion are underrated and, compared to most others sets of the era, are very difficult to find in set form (which is not surprising in light of how these cards were issued). Total: 565 cards.
Reserve $500. Estimate $1,000+.

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