1952 to 1954 Topps Original-Owner Shoebox Collection (638) Including 40+ Hall of Famers

Sold For: $2,400

Auction Year: 2016 fall

Lot: 962

Item Year: 1952

Category: Postwar Baseball Cards (1948-present)

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Shoebox collection of 638 Topps baseball cards spanning the years 1952 to 1954. This lot is highlighted by forty-two Hall of Famers, including the rookie cards of Hank Aaron and Al Kaline. Condition of the offered collection spans numerous grades, ranging from Pr to Vg-Ex, with the majority grading modestly due to flaws related to exposure to heat or moisture. Three cards have been graded and encapsulated by PSA (all submitted by REA). 1) 1952 Topps (138 cards): All different. Condition is 17% Vg (including a few Vg-Ex), 29% Gd, and 54% lesser (mostly Fr). Keys: #1 Pafko (Gd), 26 Irvin (black back, Gd), 91 Schoendienst (Pr), 129 Mize (Gd+), 175 Martin (Vg), 195 Minoso (Vg), 216 Ashburn (Fr), 243 Doby (Fr), and 277 Wynn (Fr). Includes twenty-one black-back variations. 2) 1953 Topps (191 cards): 138 different. Condition is 20% Vg to Vg-Ex, 26% Gd, and 54% lesser (mostly Fr). Keys: #1 Robinson (Gd), 27 Campanella (Vg), 41 Slaughter (Fr), 37 Mathews (Gd+), 54 Feller (Fr), 61 Wynn (Gd), 76 Reese (Vg-Ex), 77 Mize (Gd+), 78 Schoendienst (Fr), 125 D. Williams (Vg-Ex), 138 Kell (Fr), 151 Wilhelm (Vg), two 191 Kiner (both Fr), and two 207 Ford (Vg-Ex and Vg+). 3) 1954 Topps (309 cards): Includes a partial set of 218/250. Condition is 38% Vg to Vg-Ex (including a couple Ex) and 62% Fr to Gd (including a few Pr). Keys: #1 Williams (Vg), two 3 Irvin (both Fr), 10 Robinson (GOOD 2), 17 Rizzuto (Ex), two 20 Spahn (Gd and Fr), 30 Mathews (Fr), 32 Snider (Vg+), two 36 Wilhelm (Gd and Fr), 37 Ford (Ex), two 45 Ashburn (Fr and Pr-Fr), 50 Berra (Vg-Ex), 70 Doby (Fr), 86 Herman (Vg+), 90 Mays (Gd), 102 Hodges (Vg+), 128 Aaron RC (PR 1), 139 Ed & John O’Brien (Vg), 132 Lasorda RC (Vg-Ex), and 201 Kaline RC (GOOD 2). This is a relatively affordable, low -to-medium-grade collection of early Topps baseball cards, which has been stored away for decades by the original owner, including many highlights and several of the key cards of the era. Total: 638 cards. Reserve $500. Estimate $1,000+++.

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