1952 Red Man Complete Set (52): #3 SGC Set Registry!

Sold For: $15,600

Auction Year: 2016 fall

Lot: 937

Item Year: 1952

Category: Postwar Baseball Cards (1948-present)

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Complete set of all fifty-two cards (all with tabs) from the 1952 Red Man Tobacco series, entirely graded and encapsulated by SGC. This was the first of the four Red Man sets issued from 1952 to 1955. Red Man Tobacco cards are among the most beautiful cards ever issued and also represent one of the best values of all cards from the 1950s. These cards have long been a special favorite of collectors, and with good reason: They are far rarer than Topps issues from the era; they are unusual; they are relatively small sets; and each set includes so many great stars from the golden era of the early 1950s. The fact that Red Man cards are very challenging to collect in high grade gives them a mystique and all-the-greater appeal to serious collectors. Red Man Tobacco cards are never going out of style with advanced collectors. Red Man cards do not get a lot of attention compared to Topps and Bowman, but are one of the premier sets of the 1950s.

This complete set currently ranks third on the SGC Set Registry with an overall GPA of 85.69. This set consists of twelve NM/MT 88s, twenty NM+ 86s, and twenty NM 84s. The assembly of this set in such high grade is no small feat. Because of their tabs (which were designed to be cut) and method of issue, Red Man Tobacco cards often have serious condition problems, and are usually found without tabs. SGC Grading Composite: NM/MT 88 (12 cards): #3N, 5A, 7N, 8A Feller, 12A, 15N Mays, 17N Reese, 18N Roberts, 20N Slaughter, 22N Spahn, 25N, and 26N. NM+ 86 (20 cards): #2A, 2N Ashburn, 5N, 6N, 7A, 8N, 10N, 11A, 11N, 12N Kiner, 14A, 16A, 18A, 19A, 19N Schoendienst, 20A, 21A, 21N Snider, 22A, and 23N. NM 84 (20 cards): #1A Stengel, 1N Durocher, 3A Berra, 4A, 4N, 6A Doby, 9A Fox, 9N Irvin, 10A, 13A Kell, 13N, 14N, 15A, 16N Musial, 17A, 23A Williams, 24A Wynn, 24N, 25A, and 26A. A set of this extraordinary quality can only be assembled as a result of a labor of love, combined with a lot of hard work. Fortunately, the work is done; the set is complete; and all are graded. This is a magnificent set that is the product of many years of passionate collecting by a dedicated hobbyist who collected with a concern for all condition factors as is quickly evident by looking at any card in the offered set!

This is a simply outstanding high-grade set of this striking and unusual issue, easily one of the finest we have ever handled, and one that based on current guide prices we can't help but think represents an extraordinary value compared to the value of most other cards from the 1950s. The equivalent SMR value in the assigned grades (factoring in the twenty half-grades at the lower whole-grade level) is $13,300. Total: 52 cards. Opening Bid $2,500. Estimate $10,000+.

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