1915 T214 Victory Tobacco Hughie Jennings One Hand Showing

Sold For: $1,560

Auction Year: 2016 fall

Lot: 608

Item Year: 1915

Category: Prewar Baseball Cards (1900-1941)

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Presented is an outstanding T214 Victory Tobacco example of Detroit Tigers Hall of Famer Hughie Jennings (one hand showing variation). One of only two examples ever graded by SGC! The 1915 T214 Victory set is an extremely rare series of tobacco cards, issued exclusively in the Louisiana area, which is sometimes mistaken for the T206 White Border set. They are one of the great legendary rarities of tobacco-card collecting. Even a sample card from this set is a challenge to find, let alone alone an attractive sample of a Hall of Famer. Victory Tobacco is one of the few sets which features players from the Federal League, in addition to players from the National and American Leagues. This is a particularly attractive card in all respects, and simply superior to what is normally found for Victory Tobacco. Encapsulated as Authentic by SGC (submitted by REA) due to a slight irregular cut along three of the four edges, the card speaks for itself despite the technical grade, and it is easy to see that this is a magnificent T214 example. Victory Tobacco cards have a glossy coated surface which is very susceptible to creasing. This card has a virtually flawless surface (with only a tiny surface impression below his hand), vibrant colors, outstanding centering, and light, even wear on the corners. The advertisement on the reverse is bold, with crisp black print, ideal qualities for a sample of this rare issue, as the back is so important. Excellent overall appearance. T214 Victory Tobacco cards are rare in any grade, let alone such an exceptionally strong and attractive example of a key Hall of Famer. This is a tremendous rarity that would be a significant addition to even the most advanced prewar- or type-card collection. Reserve $500. Estimate (open).

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