1910 T211 Red Sun Cigarettes Davis SGC NM+ 86 - Highest Graded!

Sold For: $960

Auction Year: 2016 fall

Lot: 587

Item Year: 1910

Category: Prewar Baseball Cards (1900-1941)

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Graded NM+ 86 by SGC. This is the ONLY T211 Red Sun of any subject ever graded NM+ 86 out of 387 cards graded by SGC to date, with none higher. PSA has only graded a total of eighty cards from the set, with the highest graded being EX-MT+ 6.5. Extremely rare ultra high-grade sample card of 1911 T211 Red Sun Cigarettes featuring Davis of Memphis. The T211 set is comprised of seventy-five different players from the Southern Association. T211 Red Sun is one of the rarest and (in large part because of its rarity) most overlooked of all tobacco-card issues. Red Sun cards share the same designs as those in the eighth series of the 1910 T210 Old Mill set, which are universally recognized as among the rarest cards in the T210 set. The offered card is clean and crisp, with outstanding centering, four sharp corners, no chipping on the colored borders, and a clean, boldly printed reverse. T211 Red Sun Tobacco cards are among a small selection of elite sets that have long captured the imagination of many of the most legendary collectors, from the earliest days of serious collecting, perhaps more so in years past than even in recent times. These characteristics make the green-bordered T211 Red Sun set especially significant to the game of baseball and to the world of baseball cards, and especially appealing to the most sophisticated collectors. T211 Red Sun cards also have a very distinctive design with striking player poses, and a very attractive and unique advertising back design. This is a desirable high-grade sample card from this set, worthy of any type-card or prewar-card collection. Reserve $200. Estimate (open).

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