1910 T210 Old Mill Tobacco PSA- and SGC-Graded Portraits Collection (28)

Sold For: $4,500

Auction Year: 2016 fall

Lot: 585

Item Year: 1910

Category: Prewar Baseball Cards (1900-1941)

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Presented is an outstanding collection of twenty-eight different cards from the T210 Old Mill Tobacco series, each graded and encapsulated by SGC (except for eight PSA as noted). The T210 set is comprised of eight different series, each representing a different minor league. The various series are identified by a number along the top border on the back of the card. With 640 players, it is the largest tobacco set of the twentieth century and is immediately identifiable by its distinctive red borders. This elusive issue is best known for its key cards: the rare Joe Jackson (Series 8) card, as well as Casey Stengel (Series 6) as a player. Each of the cards in this collection features a portrait image of the depicted player, which makes for a spectacular presentation and theme within the set.

This collection consists of the following:
Angermeir/portrait - Frankfort (Series 6, PSA EX 5), Bell - Houston (Series 3, Authentic), Breivogel - Lynchburg (Series 2, EX/NM 80), Burch - Houston (Orange Border, Series 3, EX 60), Burnett - Montgomery (Series 8, PSA VG+ 3.5), Corkill - Houston (Series 3, FAIR 20), Cornell - Frankfort (Series 6, PSA EX 5), Cowan - Portsmouth (Series 2, VG 40), Crable - Galveston (Series 3, GOOD 30), Greminger - Montgomery (Series 8, PSA EX 5), Hart - Montgomery (Series 8, GOOD 30), Hill - Houston (Series 3, FAIR 20), Hise - Galveston (Series 3, FAIR 20), Hoffman - Frankfort (Series 6, PSA VG-EX+ 4.5), Kaphan - Galveston (Series 3, GOOD 30), Kuhlmann - Paris (Series 6, PSA EX 5), Lipe/portrait - Macon (Series 1, GOOD 30), Manion - Jacksonville (Series 1, EX+ 70), Merritt - Houston (Series 3, VG/EX+ 55), Messitt - Richmond (Series 2, EX 60), Neuton - Roanoke (Series 2, GOOD 30), Phillips - Montgomery (Series 8, PSA VG-EX 4), Pressly - Roanoke (Series 2, VG/EX 50), Riley - Galveston (Series 3, EX 60), Scheneberg/portrait - Paris (Series 6, PSA EX 5), Schrader - Danville (Series 2, EX 60), Spangler - Galveston (Series 3, GOOD 30), and Wickenhofer - Houston (Series 3, POOR 10).

T210 Old Mill Tobacco cards are among a small selection of elite sets that have long captured the imagination of many of the most legendary collectors, from the earliest days of serious collecting, perhaps more so in years past than even in recent times. The reason many great early collectors prized these cards so highly is twofold: 1) These sets could not (and cannot) simply be purchased in set form. They are rare. They have to be collected. They are a challenge. 2) Ultimately, cards are about the players that are featured. Many of the players in T210 (as well as other sets listed above) are featured in few or no other sets. These characteristics make the red-bordered T210 Old Mill set especially significant to the game of baseball and to the world of baseball cards, and especially appealing to the most sophisticated collectors. T210 Old Mill cards also have a very distinctive design with unique and very striking player poses. This is a superb sampling of cards from this set, highlighted by four Series 8 examples and a fascinating Series 3 orange-border variation. Total: 28 cards. Reserve $500. Estimate $1,000/$2,000++.

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