1909-1911 T206 White Border Collection (69) Including 12 Hall of Famers - All American Beauty Backs!

Sold For: $6,000

Auction Year: 2016 fall

Lot: 390

Item Year: 1909

Category: Prewar Baseball Cards (1900-1941)

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Presented is a collection of sixty-one different cards (plus eight duplicates) from the legendary T206 White Border set. Each and every card in this collection features a desirable American Beauty advertising back, with eleven cards from the 460 series and fifty-eight cards from the 350 series. American Beauty is a scarce back, certainly not in the same league as Drum or Uzit, but very unusual and seen far less often than standard Piedmont or Sweet Caporal advertising backs. This collection has been saved for decades in the family of the original owner. It is highlighted by twelve Hall of Famers, including John McGraw and Tris Speaker. Condition is 31% Vg, 23% Gd, 29% Fr, and 17% Pr. Keys: Three Beckley (Gd, Fr, and Pr), Bender/with trees (Fr), Bresnahan/batting (Gd), Crawford/with bat (Fr), Duffy (Vg, 460 series), Huggins/portrait (Gd+), McGinnity (Gd), two McGraw/glove at hip (Fr and Pr, 460 series), and Speaker (Fr). The remaining common players are: AB 350 with frame: Bliss (2), Burchell, Burns, Carr, Cree, Dessau (2), Doolan/batting, Downey/batting, Dygert, Easterly, Egan, Fiene/portrait, Flanagan, Fletcher, B. Graham (2), Hall, I. Hoffman, Jackson, Jones, Killian/portrait, Kisinger, LaPorte, Lattimore (2), McBride, M. Mitchell, Moeller, H. Moran, Murray/batting, Oberlin, Poland, Raymond, Stanage, Starr, Summers, Taylor, Thielman, and Warhop. AB 350 without frame: Conroy/batting, Downey/fielding, Leifield/batting, McQuillan/with bat (2), Nichols/with bat, Seymour/throwing, and Willetts. AB 460: Bell/follow through, Bergen/catching, Crandall/portrait with cap, Devore, Ford, Frill, Murray/portrait, and Tannehill/Tannehill on front. This is an exceptional collection of cards, exclusively featuring one of the legendary T206 set's scarcest and most desirable advertising backs. Total: 69 cards. Reserve $400. Estimate $1,000+.

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