1959 to 1965 Fleer, Philadelphia and Topps Football Shoebox Collection (663) Including 90+ Hall of Famers

Sold For: $4,200

Auction Year: 2016 fall

Lot: 1897

Item Year: 1959

Category: Football/Basketball/Hockey/Boxing/Other Sports

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Presented is a substantial collection of 663 cards from five 1950s and 1960s Fleer, Philadelphia, and Topps football issues. This impressive collection is highlighted by more than ninety Hall of Famers. These cards have been consigned by the family of the original owner and are almost all bright, crisp, and clean, with centering the most common flaw keeping some of the cards from grading higher. This collection consists of the following: 1) 1959 Topps (124 cards): Including sixty-seven different. Condition is 52% Ex-Mt (including some Nr/Mt), 39% Vg-Ex to Ex, and 9% lesser. Keys: #10 Brown (Gd), 40 Layne (Ex-Mt), 51 Huff RC (90/10 L/R, otherwise Nr/Mt-Mt), 55 Berry (95/5 L/R, otherwise Nr/Mt-Mt), 82 Hornung (Ex-Mt), and two 86 Donovan (Ex-Mt and Ex+). 2) 1961 Fleer (69 cards): Including sixty-eight different. Condition is 28% Nr/Mt-Mt, 55% Ex-Mt to Nr/Mt, and 17% Vg-Ex to Ex (including three lower). Keys: Two #155 Kemp (Nr/Mt-Mt and Nr/Mt) and 188 Flores RC (Nr/Mt-Mt). 3) 1961 Topps (245 cards): Including 129 different. Condition is 14% Nr/Mt (including a couple better), 74% Ex to Ex-Mt, and 12% Vg to Vg-Ex (including five lower). Keys: Three #1 Unitas (Ex, Vg-Ex, and Fr due to mark on front, otherwise Ex), two 4 Berry (85/15 T/B, otherwise Nr/Mt+ and Vg-Ex), three 40 Hornung (Ex-Mt+, Ex+, and Ex), two 41 Taylor (Ex and 95/5 L/R, otherwise Ex+), two 58 Tittle (Nr/Mt+ and 20/80 T/B, otherwise Nr/Mt+), and two 71 Brown (Ex-Mt and Vg-Ex+). 4) 1962 Fleer (144 cards): Including a complete set of eighty-eight. Condition of the set is 27% Nr/Mt (including a few better) and 73% Ex to Ex-Mt (including a couple lower). Condition of the duplicates is 18% Nr/Mt (including a couple better and 82% Ex to Ex-Mt (including one lower). Keys: Two #3 Cappelletti RC (both Ex), 46 Blanda (Ex), two 59 Maynard (Ex-Mt and 85/15 L/R, otherwise Nr/Mt), and two 79 Kemp (Nr/Mt and Ex-Mt). 5) 1965 Philadelphia (81 cards): All different. Condition is 70% Nr/Mt to Nr/Mt-Mt, 25% Ex to Ex-Mt, and 5% Vg to Vg-Ex. Keys: #2 Berry (25/75 L/R, otherwise Nr/Mt-Mt), 19 Ditka (Nr/Mt-Mt), 53 Renfro RC (Nr/Mt-Mt), 42 Taylor (Nr/Mt), 105 Eller RC (Nr/Mt-Mt), 187 Huff (25/75 L/R, otherwise Nr/Mt-Mt), and 189 Krause RC (Nr/Mt+). Many of the key cards have been slightly downgraded due to centering issues. This is a very impressive collection of football cards from five classic sets with countless highlights! Total: 663 cards. Reserve $300. Estimate $500/$1,000+.

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