Turn-of-the-Century Spalding Store-Model Bat Collection (8) with Wagon Tongue and Mushroom Models

Sold For: $1,320

Auction Year: 2016 fall

Lot: 1503

Item Year: 1900

Category: Pre-1900 Baseball Memorabilia

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This collection of eight Spalding store-model bats is highlighted by a "Wagon-Tongue" and "Mushroom" model. All of the bats displays moderate-to-heavy use, with all of the stampings clearly legible on the center brand and/or barrel. None of the bats are cracked. 1) Wagon-Tongue. The Spalding logo appears on the center brand, along with the notation "Pat. Appd For." Much of the black paint has worn-off the top end of the barrel, but the end is still darkened. Fine representative sample of this classic model. 34.75 inches. 2) Mushroom. The center-brand stamping features the Spalding logo, as well as "Mushroom" and Pat Apld For." The knob features the signature "Mushroom" shape, hence its name. 34 inches. 3) Spalding. The center-brand stamping simply reads "Spalding." A Spalding-logo decal (partially worn away) appears to the left of the center-brand stamping. There is also another small, oval outline to the right of the Spalding decal that appears to have been where another decal was removed. A vintage 10.5-inch wrap of black tape remains applied to the handle. 32.75 inches. 4) Professional. The center brand features the Spalding logo. "Professional" is stamped on the barrel. The bat's length, "33"," appears on the knob. 33 inches. 5) Spalding. The center-brand stamping simply reads "Spalding." No other markings on bat. 33 inches. 6) Major League. The center-brand features the Spalding logo. "Major League" is stamped on the barrel. 35 inches. 7) The Spalding. The center-brand stamping simply reads "The Spalding." No other markings on bat. 33 inches. 8) 2XB. The center-brand label features the Spalding log0, below which is "No. 2XB." 29.5 inches. Total: 8 bats. Reserve $300. Estimate $1,000+.

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