Enormous Autographed 3 x 5 Baseball Collection (2,563)

Sold For: $1,200

Auction Year: 2016 fall

Lot: 1404

Item Year: 1980

Category: Autographed Baseballs/Flats/Photos

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Collection of 2,563 3x5-inch cards, each individually signed by a former professional baseball player, including thirteen Hall of Famers. This collection was a labor of love by our consignor, who went to the trouble of producing special cards for each player to sign. Not only does each card have the player's name printed above a signing box, but the card also includes the respective player's team name and logo as well. For players who played on more than one team during their career, our consignor included the logo and name of each respective team on the card (those cards are denoted as "Multi-Team" in our listing. The number of signatures for each player (if more than one) is noted in parentheses. The signatures, penned in a variety of inks, average "9," while the cards are in Near Mint condition overall. The thirteen Hall of Famers represented here are Bunning, Doerr (4), Irvin (3), LaRussa (2), Lasorda (1), and J. Torre (2). Total: 2,563 signed cards. Auction LOA from James Spence/JSA.

California Angels (23): including A. Pearson, Malzone, and R. May.
Los Angeles Angels (33): including Duren, Fregosi, and F. Torres (2).
Houston Astros (15): including Aspromonte, Dierker, and F. Thomas.
Kansas City Athletics (102): including Campaneris, LaRussa, and H. Lopez.
Oakland Athletics (9): including LaRussa, Rudi (2), and Tartabull.
Philadelphia Athletics (61): including Brissie (3), Scheib (2), and Shantz (2).
Boston Bees (6): including Kenney (3), Strincevich (2) and Veigel.
Atlanta Braves (16): including Millan, Pappas, and Sisk.
Boston Braves (48): including Antonelli (2), Crandall, and Dark (2).
Milwaukee Braves (59): including Crandall, Dark (2), and Smalley.
Milwaukee Brewers (12): including Alvis, Etchebarren, and Snyder.
St. Louis Browns (41): including Marion, Trucks, and Turley (3).
St. Louis Cardinals (154 ): including Dark (2), Garagiola, and J. Torre.
Houston Colt 45’s (43): including Lillis, Shantz (2), and W. Williams.
Chicago Cubs (142): including Beckert (2), Dark (2), and Smalley.
Brooklyn Dodgers (127): including Erskine (5), Lasorda, and Zimmer.
Los Angeles Dodgers (46): including T. Davis, Erskine, and Lillis.
Montreal Expos (13): including Brooks, Reardon, and Singleton.
New York Giants (46): including Dark (3), Irvin (2), and B. White.
San Francisco Giants (35): including Crandall, Mota, and B. White.
Cleveland Indians (91): Including Mossi (2), J. Perry (3), and Rosen (4).
Seattle Mariners: J. Snyder.
New York Mets (217): including Reardon, J. Torre, and Zimmer.
Baltimore Orioles (62): including Buford, Francona, and Orsino.
San Diego Padres (8): including Beckert, H. Clarke, and Sisk.
Philadelphia Phillies (138): including Bunning, Dark (2), and D. Green (3).
Seattle Pilots (14): including Lockwood, Rollins, and F. Stanley.
Pittsburgh Pirates (91): including Friend, Groat, and Virdon.
Texas Rangers: L. Brown.
Cincinnati Reds (78): including Hatton (3), Osteen, and Pappas (2).
Boston Red Sox (115): including M. Bolling, Doerr (4), and Malzone (3).
Kansas City Royals (6): including Bunker, Cisco, and Hearn.
Washington Senators (133): including D. Green, Pearson, and Sievers.
Detroit Tigers (89): including G. Brown (2), Mossi (4), and Pierce (3).
Minnesota Twins (45): including Lepcio, Oliva (2), and J. Perry.
Chicago White Sox (125): including Mossi (4), Pierce, and Trosky (2).
New York Yankees (130): including Richardson (4), Shantz (2), and Skowron.
Multi-Team (105): including Bouton, Campaneris, Dark, Erskine, Garagiola, Pascual, Silvera, C. Simmons, Shantz, M. Torrez, and R. Terry.
Negro Leagues (83): including Altman, Casanova, and Irvin. Reserve $500. Estimate (open).

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