1950 to 1974 Regional and Oddball Issues Complete Set Collection (14 sets, 318 cards)

Sold For: $1,560

Auction Year: 2016 fall

Lot: 1229

Item Year: 1964

Category: Postwar Baseball Cards (1948-present)

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Addendum: Also included in this collection are two 1952 Tip Top Bread Labels of Bob Porterfield (Gd) and Duke Snider (Pr). The Snider label is pictured in the catalog, but the two labels were omitted from the listing.

Eclectic group of regional and unusual cards, spanning the years 1950 through 1974, with representation of fourteen different issues, including many Hall of Famers, stars, and rare cards. This is an impressive and fascinating group of unusual cards with many highlights assembled by a very dedicated collector. 1) 1950 Remar Baking Complete Set (27): Condition is 26% Ex-Mt, 30% Ex, and 44% lesser (averaging Vg). Keys: Herman (15/85 L/R, otherwise Nr/Mt), Kelly (Vg), and Wilson (20/80 L/R, otherwise Ex-Mt). 2) 1953-1957 Spic and Span Braves 7 x 10 Photos Near-Complete Set (13): Missing only Milwaukee County Stadium header card. Condition is 23% Ex-Mt, 54% Ex, and 23% Vg-Ex. Keys: Mathews (Ex) and Spahn (Ex+). 3) 1957 Spic and Span Braves Complete Set (20): Condition is 50% Nr/Mt or better, 20% Ex-Mt, 15% Ex, and 15% Gd to Vg-Ex. Keys: Aaron (Ex), Mathews (Ex), Schoendienst SP (Gd+), and Spahn (Ex-Mt). 4) 1959 First Federal Savings Famous Senators Matchbooks Complete Set (20): Set is complete but empty of matches, with strikers intact and unused. With one exception (Kelly), creases and folds found only where expected on matchbook covers. Ex-Mt corner wear on average. Missing paper on Bluege matchbook from staple removal. Set includes Harmon Killebrew and Walter Johnson. 5) 1963 Pepsi-Cola Colt .45’s With Tabs Near-Complete Set (14/16): Missing John Bateman and Bob Bruce. Condition is 43% Nr/Mt or better and 57% Ex (mostly due to centering). Keys: Lillis SP (Ex), Staub (0/100 R/L, otherwise Nr/Mt-Mt), and Warwick SP (Ex+). 6) 1964 Detroit Tigers Milk Bottle Caps Complete Set (14): Condition is four Vg-Ex, four Vg, four Gd, and two Fr. Keys: Cash (Gd+) and Kaline (Gd+). 7) 1964 Topps Giants Complete Set (60): Condition is 7% Nr/Mt-Mt, 45% Nr/Mt, 22% Ex-Mt, and 26% Ex (including one Vg-Ex+). Keys: #3 Koufax SP (signed, otherwise Ex), 11 Clemente (20/80 L/R, otherwise Nr/Mt+), 25 Mantle (Ex), 49 Aaron (Ex+), 51 Mays SP (Nr/Mt), and 60 Skowron SP (Ex). 8) 1970s MacGregor Advisory Staff Complete Set (12): Clemente (Vg), Downing (Vg-Ex+), Edwards (Ex), Hansen (Ex-Mt), Johnson (Vg-Ex+), Mays (Ex-Mt), Oliva (Vg-Ex), Osteen (Ex+), Richardson (Fr), and Versalles (Vg+). 9-10) 1971 Arco Phillies Complete Sets (26): Condition is Vg-Ex to Ex-Mt (averaging Ex) with a few Nr/Mt. Keys: Two Bunning (Ex and Vg-Ex). 11) 1971 Arco Pirates Complete Set (12): Condition is Vg-Ex to Ex-Mt (averaging Ex) with a few Nr/Mt. Keys: Clemente (Ex) and Stargell (Ex). 12) 1972 Kellogg’s 3D Complete Set (54): Condition is Nr/Mt-Mt overall, including some better and a few Nr/Mt. All cards are free of cracking. Keys: #6 Rose (Nr/Mt+), 20 Jackson (Nr/Mt-Mt+), 49 Clemente (Nr/Mt), and 54 Mays (Mint). 13) 1974 Topps Action Emblem Cloth Stickers Complete Set (24): Condition is 33% Nr/Mt-Mt, 25% Nr/Mt, 42% Ex to Ex-Mt. 14) 1974 Topps Stamps Sheets Complete Set (24 sheets): Complete set in uncut-sheet form. Generally crease free, the stamp sheets suffer only from the flaws natural to the issue. Some of the outside stamps do not have a left or right border. Top and bottom edges have somewhat jagged factory cuts on some sheets. A fascinating array of rare and unusual cards, including many highlights, from the golden years of regional issues. Total: 14 sets, 318 cards. Reserve $500. Estimate $1,000++.

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