1960 to 1968 Topps Shoebox Collection (3,455 cards) Including 375+ Hall of Famers

Sold For: $9,000

Auction Year: 2016 fall

Lot: 1113

Item Year: 1960

Category: Postwar Baseball Cards (1948-present)

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Extremely substantial collection of 3,455 cards from nine classic 1960s Topps sets. This impressive collection is highlighted by more than 375 Hall of Famers, including Mays, Aaron, Clemente, and Mantle. 

1) 1960 Topps (377 cards): Condition is 34% Nr/Mt (including some Nr/Mt-Mt), 56% Ex to Ex-Mt, and 10% lesser (including a few trimmed and ten that measure small). Keys: Three #7 Mays/Rigney (Nr/Mt and two Ex), two 148 Yastrzemski RC (PSA EX 5 and Vg+), four 200 Mays (three Ex-Mt and Vg-Ex), two 326 Clemente (EX 5 and Vg-Ex+), four 343 Koufax (Ex-Mt, 80/20 T/B, otherwise Nr/Mt+, possible slight trim, otherwise Ex-Mt, and PSA Authentic due to slight trim, otherwise Nr/Mt), 377 Maris (Ex-Mt), 563 Mantle AS (85/15 T/B, otherwise Ex+), two 564 Mays AS (Ex+ and slight trim, otherwise Ex-Mt), 565 Maris AS (Ex-Mt+).

2) 1961 Topps (729 cards): Including 335 different out of 587 cards in set. Condition of the partial set is 30% Nr/Mt or better, 63% Ex to Ex-Mt, and 6% lesser (including a few with a slight trim). Keys: #141 Williams RC (Nr/Mt), 150 Mays (Ex-Mt), 207 Koufax/Podres (slight trim, otherwise Vg-Ex), 388 Clemente (Ex), 401 Ruth Hits 60th (80/20 T/B, otherwise Nr/Mt-Mt), 475 Mantle MVP (PSA EX-MT 6), 478 Maris MVP (Nr/Mt), 482 Mays MVP (possible slight trim, otherwise Ex-Mt), 517 McCovey (Ex-Mt), 572 B. Robinson AS (Ex-Mt), and 579 Mays AS (Ex+). Condition of the duplicates is 5% Nr/Mt, 70% Ex to Ex-Mt, and 25% Vg to Vg-Ex (including a few lower). Keys: #388 Clemente (Vg+), 401 Ruth Hits 60th (Ex), 478 Maris MVP (Ex+), and four 482 Mays MVP (three Ex-Mt and Fr).

3) 1962 Topps (173 cards): Condition is 35% Nr/Mt or better, 57% Ex to Ex-Mt, and 8% lesser (including a few trimmed and a few that measure small). Keys: Two #10 Clemente (Ex and Vg-Ex), 199 Perry RC (1/99 L/R, otherwise Vg-Ex), 200 Mantle (PSA Authentic due to trimming, otherwise Nr/Mt-Mt+), 300 Mays (Ex), 320 Aaron (Nr/Mt), 387 Brock RC (Ex+), five 395 Mays AS (three Nr/Mt, Ex, and Vg-Ex+).

4) 1963 Topps (479 cards): Condition is 50% Nr/Mt and 50% Ex to Ex-Mt (including some lesser, ten with a slight trim and a few that measure small. Keys: Three #18 Buc Blasters – Clemente (Nr/Mt and two Ex-Mt), two 120 Maris (Ex-Mt and Ex), four 138 Mays/Musial (two Ex-Mt, measures small, otherwise Nr/Mt, and slight trim, otherwise Nr/Mt), three 173 Bombers’ Best – Mantle (30/70 L/R, otherwise Nr/Mt+, Ex+, and Ex), 300 Mays (Ex), and 553 Stargell RC (Ex-Mt).

5) 1964 Topps (609 cards): Including 363 different out of 587 cards. Condition is 20% Nr/Mt or better, 65% Ex to Ex-Mt, and 15% lesser (including forty with a slight trim). Keys: #50 Mantle (Ex+), 200 Koufax (Ex), 423 Aaron/Mays (Pr/Fr), 440 Clemente (Vg).

6) 1965 Topps (214 cards): Condition is 38% Nr/Mt or better, 50% Ex to Ex-Mt, and 12% lesser (including four with a slight trim and five that measure small). Keys: #16 Morgan RC (miscut top edge, otherwise Ex-Mt+), two 155 Maris (Ex and trimmed, otherwise Nr/Mt), three 160 Clemente (70/30 T/B, otherwise Nr/Mt and two Ex), two 170 Aaron (Nr/Mt and Vg-Ex), 207 Rose (Ex), three 250 Mays (two Ex-Mt and trimmed, otherwise Nr/Mt), four 300 Koufax (Nr/Mt, Ex-Mt, Gd, and slight trim, otherwise Nr/Mt-Mt), 477 Carlton RC (Vg-Ex).

7) 1966 Topps (366 cards): Including 291 different and 33 High Numbers. Condition is 21% Nr/Mt (including a few Nr/Mt-Mt), 68% Ex to Ex-Mt, and 11% lesser (including a couple with a slight trim). Keys: Two #30 Rose (Ex-Mt and Vg-Ex), two 126 Palmer RC (Nr/Mt and Vg-Ex), 300 Clemente (Vg-Ex), two 500 Aaron (Nr/Mt and Ex).

8) 1967 Topps (518 cards): Including 395 different out of 609 in set and 37 High Numbers. Condition is 23% Nr/Mt, 71% Ex to Ex-Mt, and 6% lesser (including a couple miscut and one with a slight trim). Keys: #150 Mantle (PSA VG-EX 4), 200 Mays (Vg), 423 Mays/McCovey (Ex-Mt), 569 Carew RC (90/10 T/B, otherwise Vg-Ex+).

9) 1968 Topps (522 cards): Including partial set of 475 out of 598 in set. Condition is 38% Nr/Mt to Nr/Mt-Mt (including a few Mint), 50% Ex to Ex-Mt, and 12% Vg to Vg-Ex (including a few miscut and a few with a slight trim). Keys: Two #50 Mays (Nr/Mt and Ex-Mt+), four 110 Aaron (three Nr/Mt and slight trim, otherwise Ex+), two 150 Clemente (Ex and measures small, otherwise Ex-Mt), 230 Rose (slight trim, otherwise Nr/Mt-Mt), 247 Bench RC (Vg-Ex), 280 Mantle (Vg-Ex+), six 370 Aaron AS (Nr/Mt-Mt, three Nr/Mt, and two Ex-Mt), three 374 Clemente AS (Nr/Mt, Ex-Mt, and 5/95 T/B, otherwise Ex-Mt), two 480 Manager’s Dream – Clemente (Nr/Mt+ and Ex-Mt+), two 490 Killebrew/Mantle/Mays (Ex and Vg-Ex+).

This is an extremely impressive and sizable collection of cards from these classic sets with countless highlights and hundreds of Hall of Famers. Total: 3,455 cards.

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