1960 to 1962 Topps Shoebox Collection (4,035 cards)

Sold For: $2,700

Auction Year: 2016 fall

Lot: 1112

Item Year: 1960

Category: Postwar Baseball Cards (1948-present)

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Extremely substantial shoebox collection of 4,035 cards from three popular early 1960s Topps sets. This collection is highlighted by more than 120 Hall of Famers, including Hank Aaron, Ernie Banks, and Mickey Mantle. Twenty-five cards are graded and encapsulated by PSA. 1) 1960 Topps (952 cards): Condition is 75% Ex to Ex-Mt (including some better) and 25% Vg to Vg-Ex (including 2% lower). Keys: #1 Wynn (10/90 T/B, otherwise Ex-Mt), 10 Banks (Vg-Ex+), four 50 Kaline (two EX-MT 6 and two with possible slight trims, otherwise Vg), 136 Kaat RC (15/85 T/B, otherwise Ex-Mt), two 160 Mantle/Boyer (VG-EX 4 and slight trim, otherwise Vg), 210 Killebrew (Vg-Ex+), two 250 Musial (EX 5 and possible slight trim, otherwise Ex), 305 Ashburn (possible slight trim, otherwise Vg-Ex), three 316 McCovey RC (VG 3 and two trimmed, otherwise Ex-Mt and Vg-Ex), 335 Schoendienst (slight trim, otherwise Ex-Mt), five 420 Mathews (two EX-MT 6, two Ex, and Vg-Ex), 480 Berra (Vg-Ex+), 490 F. Robinson (EX 5), and 502 Bunning (slight trim, otherwise Vg). 2) 1961 Topps (1,583 cards): Condition is 83% Ex to Ex-Mt (including some better) and 17% Vg to Vg-Ex (including 2% lower). Keys: #10 B. Robinson (Vg), two 20 Roberts (Vg-Ex and next card shows, otherwise Ex-Mt), 30 Fox (Ex-Mt), four 88 Ashburn (two Ex-Mt, Ex, and Vg-Ex), seven 120 Mathews (three EX-MT 6, three Ex-Mt, and Ex), four 141 Williams RC (Ex+, EX 5, and two Ex), two 160 Ford (Ex-Mt and no bottom border, otherwise Nr/Mt+), four 200 Spahn (Nr/Mt, Vg-Ex+, Vg+, and no right border, otherwise Ex), 350 Banks (Vg-Ex), 440 Aparicio (Vg-Ex+), 443 Snider (99/1 T/B, otherwise Nr/Mt), three 455 Wynn (Ex-Mt, Vg, and next card shows, otherwise Ex-Mt), 478 Maris AS (Pr), and 517 McCovey RC (80/20 T/B, otherwise Nr/Mt-Mt). 3) 1962 Topps (1,500 cards): Condition is 74% Ex to Ex-Mt and 26% Vg to Vg-Ex (including 2% lower). Keys: #5 Koufax (Vg-Ex), three 10 Clemente (EX 5, Ex, and Vg-Ex+), 25 Banks (EX-MT 6), five 30 Mathews (two EX-MT 6, two EX 5, and pen marks on back, otherwise Ex), three 45 B. Robinson (Ex, Vg, and no top border, otherwise Ex), five 50 Musial (Ex-Mt, Ex, two with no border, otherwise Ex, and Pr), 51 AL Batting Ldrs (NM-MT 8), 54 HR Ldrs (Nr/Mt), six 70 Killebrew (three Ex, two Vg-Ex, Vg, and no top border, otherwise Ex-Mt), 85 Hodges (85/15 L/R, otherwise Nr/Mt), five 100 Spahn (three Ex, Vg-Ex, and Vg), 199 Perry (EX-MT 6), two 340 Drysdale (Nr/Mt and Vg-Ex+), three 385 Wynn (75/25 T/B, otherwise Nr/Mt+, Ex+, and Ex), 387 Brock AS (15/85 L/R, otherwise Nr/Mt+), 394 Aaron AS (miscut left edge, no right border), 396 F. Robinson AS (Ex-Mt), and two 399 Spahn AS (Nr/Mt and Ex-Mt). This is an incredibly sizable collection of cards from the golden age of Topps baseball cards, loaded with stars and Hall of Famers, that would provide an outstanding foundation for the assembly of complete sets of these 1960s issues. Total: 4,035 cards. Reserve $400. Estimate $1,000+++.

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