1964 Topps Rookie All-Star Banquet Complete Set (36)

Sold For: $2,700

Auction Year: 2016 fall

Lot: 1101

Item Year: 1964

Category: Postwar Baseball Cards (1948-present)

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Complete 1964 Topps Rookie All-Star Banquet set consisting of thirty-six different cards. The 1964 Topps Rookie All-Star banquet set was only distributed to guests attending Topps' 1964 annual dinner honoring the Major League recipients of Topps' Rookie All-Star Team awards. In a novel approach that year, Topps decided to abandon the traditional dinner program and instead produced this set, which was distributed as a special keepsake to attendees. Each of the thirty-six cards in the set is designed as if it were a "page" of a program and is numbered in the lower right corner. Cards #8-12 feature composite photos of former award recipients from 1959 through 1963, while cards #13-34A highlight the 1964 winners (each player's picture card is paired with a separate card, written by the public-relations director of the player's respective club, which lists his many achievements). Other cards are dedicated to Topps officials and various panel members. All of the cards are printed in black-and-white, on quality card stock, and are highlighted by either red or light blue graphics, with the exception of the "front cover" and "back cover" cards (which are multicolor). A box was designed to house the complete set (the box does not accompany the offered set). Condition of this set is 25% Nr/Mt to Nr/Mt-Mt, 22% Ex-Mt, 17% Ex, 28% Vg-Ex, and 8% Gd to Vg. Many of the cards display slight evidence of moisture exposure and have been graded accordingly. Card #12, which is the key card in the set (featuring Pete Rose as a member of the 1963 Topps Rookie All-Star Team), grades Vg-Ex. Two other key cards, #19 with Richie Allen and 25 with Tony Conigliaro, grade Ex-Mt. This a very rare and unusual Topps Rookie Award All-Star Banquet complete set in extremely presentable condition. Total: 36 cards. Reserve $300. Estimate $500/$1,000+.

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