1959 to 1964 Fleer and Topps Shoebox Collection (353 cards) Including 1964 Topps Stand-Ups Partial Set

Sold For: $1,320

Auction Year: 2016 fall

Lot: 1091

Item Year: 1959

Category: Postwar Baseball Cards (1948-present)

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Substantial shoebox collection of 353 cards from four popular 1950s and 1960s sets issued by Fleer and Topps. This collection is highlighted by numerous Hall of Famers and stars. 1) 1959 Fleer Ted Williams (42 cards): Including thirty-nine different. Condition is 71% Ex-Mt to Nr/Mt (including a few Nr/Mt-Mt) and 29% Vg-Ex to Ex (including one trimmed). Keys: #1 The Early Years (Ex-Mt), 2 Ted’s Idol – Babe Ruth (trimmed, otherwise Vg-Ex), 11 Williams/Foxx (Nr/Mt), and 63 All-Star Record (Ex-Mt). 2) 1960 Fleer (104 cards): Complete set of seventy-nine plus twenty-five duplicates. Condition of the set is 38% Ex-Mt to Nr/Mt (including a few higher) and 62% Vg-Ex to Ex (including four lesser). Keys: #2 Mathewson (Vg-Ex), 3 Ruth (Ex-Mt), 6 Johnson (Ex-Mt), 28 Gehrig (Ex+), 42 Cobb (Nr/Mt), 47 Young (Ex), 62 Wagner (Ex), and 72 Williams (Ex+). Condition of duplicates is 31% Ex-Mt to Nr/Mt, 69% Vg-Ex to Ex (including a couple lesser). Keys: #3 Ruth (Gd+), 6 Johnson (Ex), and 72 Williams (Ex). 3) 1961 Fleer (140 cards): Condition is 31% Ex-Mt to Nr/Mt, 57% Vg-Ex to Ex, and 12% lesser. Keys: #1 Baker/Cobb/Wheat (Vg), 31 Gehrig (Ex+), 59 Mathewson (Ex-Mt), 75 Ruth (Vg), 150 Wagner (Nr/Mt), 152 Williams (Vg-Ex), and 153 Young (Vg-Ex). 4) 1964 Topps Stand-Ups (67 cards): Including partial set of forty-four out of seventy-seven. Condition is 37% Ex-Mt to Nr/Mt and 63% Vg-Ex to Ex (including a couple lower). Keys: Cash (Ex-Mt), Cepeda (Ex), two Kaline (Ex+ and Ex), Mathews (Ex-Mt), Mazeroski (Ex), B. Robinson (possible slight trim, otherwise Ex), Santo (Vg-Ex+), and Woodeshick (Vg-Ex). A very attractive collection of cards from these classic issues. Total: 353 cards. Reserve $300. Estimate $500+.

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