1909-1911 T206 Rare Backs Collection Including Lenox Brown, Broad Leaf 460, and Uzit (36)

Sold For: $21,330

Auction Year: 2012 spring

Lot: 730

Item Year: 1909

Category: Joe Pelaez Collection

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Presented is an extraordinary and unique collection of thirty-six T206 tobacco cards, each with a different advertisement on the back, including the extremely rare Lenox Brown, Uzit, and Red Hindu advertising backs. This is a miraculous collection! We have never seen or even heard of the assembly of a complete collection of T206 advertising backs, but suspect that may soon change. This collection is not complete, but it is very close. In fact, this collection is closer to completion than any T206 advertising-back collection we have ever offered. It is missing only the Ty Cobb with Ty Cobb back, Old Mill Brown, and Drum for completion. (The Drum back originally accompanied, and is offered separately in this auction.) The consignor of this lot long ago decided to try to assemble as many T206 cards as possible with different backs. Over a period of many years he was extremely successful, and this collection is the result of his considerable efforts. The fronts of the cards in this collection are also of very special note, as included are three Hall of Famers (Bender, Clarke, and Griffith), Dahlen (Brooklyn), and two Southern Leaguers. We have selected six cards to be graded and encapsulated by SGC. The collection consists of the following in the order of scarcity (with the order of rarity provided by T206resource.com): 1) Lenox (Brown): Pfeister/throwing (SGC POOR 10); 2) Broad Leaf 460: Rucker/throwing (SGC GOOD 30); 3) Uzit: Latham (SGC Auth); 4) Hindu (Red): Tannehill/Tannehill on front (SGC POOR 10); 5) Lenox (Black): Merkle/throwing (SGC VG 40); 6) Broad Leaf 350: Lattimore (SGC GOOD 30); 7) American Beauty 460: Meyers (Fr); 8) Blank Back: Paige (Southern Leaguer, GAI Auth); 9) Carolina Brights: Quillen (possible slight trim); 10) Hindu (Brown): Bergen/batting (Fr); 11) American Beauty 350 (no frame): Wiltse/pitching (Vg); 12) Sovereign 460: Abbaticchio/blue sleeves (Gd); 13) Cycle 460: Stovall/batting (Gd-Vg); 14) Piedmont 350-460 (Factory 42, Dist. 4, NC): Rucker/throwing (possible slight trim); 15) Tolstoi: Overall/hands waist level (Fr); 16) Sweet Caporal 350-460 (Factory 25, Dist. 2, VA): McIntyre/Bklyn & Chi (Pr); 17) El Principe De Gales: Rudolph (Gd); 18) American Beauty 350 (Frame): Hartsel (Ex); 19) Sovereign 350 (apple green): Sweeney/NY (Pr); 20) Sweet Caporal 350-460 (Factory 42, Dist. 4, NC): Ford (Vg-Ex); 21) Cycle 350: Smith/Buffalo (Vg); 22) Old Mill (South): Rockenfeld (Southern Leaguer, Fr); 23) Sovereign 150: Weimer (Fr); 24) Sweet Caporal 150 (Factory 649 Overprint): Manning/batting (Fr-Gd); 25) Sweet Caporal 350-460 (Factory 42 Scroll Overprint): McQuillan/bat (Gd); 26) Old Mill (Black): Reulbach/no glove (Vg); 27) Polar Bear: Griffith/batting (HOF, Gd); 28) Sovereign 350 (forest green): O'Hara/NY (Pr); 29) Sweet Caporal 150 (Factory 25, Dist. 2, VA): Clarke/batting (HOF, Pr); 30) Sweet Caporal 350-460 (Factory 30, Dist. 2, NY): Howell/hand at waist (Gd); 31) Sweet Caporal 150 (Factory 30, Dist. 2, NY): Durham (Fr); 32) Piedmont 150 (Factory 25, Dist. 2, VA): Bender/port. (HOF, possible slight trim); 33) Piedmont 350-460 (Factory 25, Dist. 2, VA): Bescher/hands in air (Pr); 34) Sweet Caporal 350 (Factory 25, Dist. 2, VA): Donovan/port. (Pr); 35) Sweet Caporal 350 (Factory 30, Dist. 2, NY): Blackburne (Vg+); 36) Piedmont 350 (Factory 25, Dist. 2, VA): Dahlen/Bklyn (Fr). Counting all possible back variations (brand names, printing colors, and factory numbers), there are a total of thirty-eight universally recognized different T206 backs (not counting the virtually unique overprints). This collection represents an extraordinary and unique collecting opportunity. From the Joe Pelaez Collection. Total: 36 cards. Reserve $2,000. Estimate (open). SOLD FOR $21,330

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