1887-1889 N172 Old Judge Collection (57 cards) - Newly Discovered!

Sold For: $11,258

Auction Year: 2012 spring

Lot: 63

Item Year: 1887

Category: Pre-1900 Baseball Cards (1830-1899)

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Original-owner collection of fifty-six different (plus one duplicate) N172 Old Judges, including thirty-six cards ranging from Good to Vg-Ex condition (with a couple Ex), twelve cards in slightly lesser grades (mostly Fair), and nine cards with blue ink on the front and a "Pat. Apld. For" ink stamp on reverse. The collection is highlighted by Hall of Famer Hugh Duffy, a portrait card of Silver Flint (Chicago), John Barnes (manager), Tom Loftus (manager), and John Kelly (umpire), as well as many significant stars. Included are many cards with outstanding high-quality images. In the following listing, cards are identified by the numbers provided by the comprehensive Old Judge book checklist. A complete listing of the cards follows: #15-3 Baldwin (Chicago), 20-1 Barnes (manager, 1889 copyright, St. Paul; Amazing contrast!!), 23-3 Bastian (1888 copyright, Philadelphia), 35-4 Boyle (1889 copyright, St. Louis), 45-5 Brown (NY), 59-1 Burns/tagging player (1888 copyright, Chicago), 59-3 Burns (Chicago), 62-3 Campau (1888 copyright, Detroit), 71-6 Caruthers (1888 copyright, Brooklyn), 72-1 Casey (Philadelphia), 83-2 Coleman (Pittsburgh), 84-5 Collins (NY), 85-3 Collins (1888 copyright, Brooklyn), 96-2 Crane (1888 copyright, NY), 117-2 Darling (Chicago), two 117-3 Darling (Chicago), 117-4 Darling (Chicago), 121-5 Deasley (NY), 132-13 Dorgan (NY), 135-1 Duffy (HOF, Chicago) , 141-1 Dwyer (1888 copyright, Chicago), 141-3 Dwyer (1888 copyright, Chicago), 145-3 Emmerke (1889 copyright, Des Moines), 163-1 Flint (1888 copyright, Chicago, portrait), 163-3 Flint (1888 copyright, Chicago), 193-4 Gleason (1888 copyright, Philadelphia), 225-1 Herr (1888 copyright, Milwaukee), 241-5 Hungler (1889 copyright, Sioux City), 250-1 Kappell (1888 copyright, Columbus), 255-3 Kelly (umpire, 1889 copyright), 264-1 Kloff (Minneapolis, unusual political campaign ink stamp of Harrison and Morton on the reverse), 277-1 Loftus (manager, 1889 copyright, Cleveland), 290-5 Maines (1889 copyright, St. Paul), 297-11 Mattimore (NY), 298-3 Maul (1888 copyright, Pittsburgh), 300-2 McAleer (1889 copyright, Cleveland), 320-2 McTamany (1888 copyright, Columbus), 326-4 Mills (1888 copyright, Milwaukee), 330-3 Morris (Pittsburgh), 349-1 O'Brien (Brooklyn, unusual design with small cropped image and large borders), 355-3 O'Day (Washington), 366-2 Pfeffer (Chicago), 366-4 Pfeffer (Chicago), 385-1 Richardson (NY), 387-4 Roach (NY), 422-3 Smith (1888 copyright, Philadelphia), 432-1 Sowders (St. Paul), 434-1 Sproat (1888 copyright, St. Louis), 443-4 Stricker (1888 copyright, Cleveland), 454-1 Tener (Chicago), 455-1 Terry (Brooklyn), 457-3 Tiernan (NY), 462-2 Traffley (1888 copyright, Des Moines), 468-1 Twitchell (Cleveland), 485-7 Welch and Gleason (1888 copyright, Philadelphia), and 502-6 Williamson (1888 copyright, Chicago). These cards were saved by our consignor's grandfather and have remained in the family's possession since the year of issue. Collections of N172s that are new to the modern collecting world are few and far between at this late date. This is a fairly clean and sizable group of Old Judges that have never been seen in the modern collecting world and have been untouched for decades. Total: 57 cards. Reserve $1,000. Estimate $3,000+. SOLD FOR $11,258

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