1933 R319 Goudey #106 Napoleon Lajoie - PSA MINT 9 - Highest-Graded Example!

Sold For: $118,500

Auction Year: 2012 spring

Lot: 6

Item Year: 1933

Category: Prewar Baseball Cards (1900-1941)

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Graded MINT 9 by PSA. Presented is a spectacular ultra high-grade example of one of card collecting's most important and legendary rarities: The 1933 Goudey #106 Napoleon Lajoie. This particular card may well be the single finest 1933 Goudey #106 Napoleon Lajoie example in existence in the entire collecting world. Of all Lajoies we have offered or even seen during the past 40 years, it is by far the finest. It is virtually unimprovable. This is a remarkable card that is without reservation deserving of its MINT status. Of the 77 examples graded to date by PSA, exactly nine have been assigned MINT 9 (with no PSA 10 examples). We would be very surprised if any other example exceeds the quality of this gem. It is an ideal example: Bright, clean, and fresh, both front and back, with virtually perfect centering on the front and flawless registration. The bold green text on the reverse is centered just a hint to the left. Since the earliest days of organized collecting, Lajoie has always been referred to as one of "The Big Three" among the most important baseball-card rarities, with the other two, of course, being Plank and Wagner from the T206 series. This is an incredibly stunning, pack-fresh example, with no print lines or other printing flaws, and with only the lightest and most ideal natural toning. This card has obviously been very well cared for since the 1930s! It has been safely stored in the collection of our consignor, a longtime collector, since he purchased it as the highlight of his collection in the 1990s and is the first card he has ever sold.

When the classic 1933 Goudey set was issued, Goudey originally failed to print #106. No matter how many packs youngsters purchased at their local candy store, they could not complete their set of 240 cards. Everyone, of course, nrootshareeeded #106 (which did not exist). Some of the more devoted and fanatical collectors of the day, in their great frustration, took the time to write and complain directly to the Goudey Gum Company. Goudey received enough complaints from their most devoted customers to prompt them to arrange for a special design and printing of card #106 Nap Lajoie. This special card was actually printed in 1934, and was sent by mail directly from Goudey only to those who had complained to the company in writing. This was the only way the Lajoie card was distributed, hence its extraordinary rarity today. It is interesting to note (and we're not sure if we have ever noted this before) that the copyright date on the reverse of the Lajoie card is "1934" because, even though it was issued to complete the 1933 series, it was printed in 1934. The 1933 Goudey set is universally recognized as the most important of all 1930s gum-card issues. #106 Lajoie is the most significant and valuable of all 1930s cards and is widely regarded to this day as one of the four most important of all prewar baseball cards in any condition (the others being the famous T206 Wagner and Plank and The Baltimore News Ruth). This is an exceptional example in all respects, in a well-deserved extremely high grade. An ideal MINT example, very possibly the single finest example in existence, of 1933 Goudey #106 Lajoie, one of card collecting's most famous rarities and greatest legends. SMR value for the assigned grade is $120,000. Reserve $25,000. Estimate $50,000++. SOLD FOR $118,500

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