1887-1889 N172 Old Judge Collection (25)

Sold For: $4,148

Auction Year: 2012 spring

Lot: 53

Item Year: 1887

Category: Pre-1900 Baseball Cards (1830-1899)

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Exceptionally attractive, high-quality collection of twenty-five N172 Old Judges, with almost all having images far superior to that normally found on Old Judges. This group was carefully hand-picked by us from a larger collection with the intention of presenting a beautiful collection of high-quality Old Judges with outstanding contrast and visual appeal. In the following listing, cards are identified by the numbers provided by the comprehensive Old Judge book checklist. The collection consists of the following: #29-1 Bishop (Pittsburgh), 124-2 Denny (Indianapolis, 1888 copyright), 234-1 Horner (New Haven, 1888 copyright), 291-5 Mann (Hartford, 1888 copyright), 298-2 Maul (Pittsburgh, 1888 copyright), 298-3 Maul (Pittsburgh, 1888 copyright), 308-1 McCullum (Minneapolis, 1888 copyright), 312-1 McGuire (Philadelphia), 337-1 Myers (Indianapolis, 1889 copyright), 340-6 Nash (Boston, 1888 copyright), 359-4 O'Rourke (Boston), 360-5 Orr (Columbus, 1888 copyright), 366-4 Pfeffer (Chicago), 367-5 Phelan (Des Moines), 368-1 Phillips (Brooklyn), 369-3 Pickett (St. Paul, 1888 copyright), 373-1 Powell (Sioux City, 1889 copyright), 373-5 Powell (Sioux City, 1889 copyright), 387-4 Roach (New Yok), 417-2 Shomberg (Indianapolis), 420-5 Slattery (New York, 1888 copyright), 425-2 Smith (Brooklyn, 1888 copyright), 453-3 Tebeau (Chicago, 1888 copyright), 453-4 Tebeau (Cleveland, 1888 copyright), and 467-1 Turner (Minneapolis, 1889 copyright). The fronts range from Vg-Ex to Ex-Mt condition (a few cards slightly lesser). The backs each have minor imperfections, as is often the case with Old Judges, in the form of either pen or pencil notations, paper loss, and glue or tape remnants from once being mounted in a scrapbook. Such minor imperfections would not even have to be mentioned in the "old days" of collecting, but are now noted due to the impact on grading by professional grading services. A little back damage usually "comes with the territory" with Old Judges, and collectors are very tolerant of this, especially since so many cards were originally saved in scrapbook albums. This is a very clean and very carefully assembled collection of N172 Old Judges, with a concern for photo quality, contrast, and the overall eye-appeal of each card. This is a great-looking group! Total: 25 cards. Reserve $1,000. Estimate $2,500++. SOLD FOR $4,148

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