1962 Topps Mars Attacks Original Artwork for Card #37 - Creeping Menace

Sold For: $10,073

Auction Year: 2012 spring

Lot: 1583

Item Year: 1962

Category: Non-Sports Cards/Sheets/Card Artwork

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Presented is the original painting to card #37 from the 1962 Topps "Mars Attacks" set, entitled Creeping Menace , created by artist Norm Saunders. In this horrific scene, desperate homeowners flee in terror from the giant insect bearing down on them, with their home providing no safety from its advancing mandibles of death. The release of giant insects upon the earth, the threat of which was first introduced in card #27, was one of the most diabolical of all attacks by the Martians upon the people of earth. Entomophobia (or insectophobia), which is the fear of insects, is a very common phobia. That fact, along with the tremendous visual effects offered by giant insects munching on humans, made it a perfect theme to incorporate within the set's story line. (A total of seventeen cards in the fifty-five card set feature, in graphic detail, the horrors of such giant-insect attacks.) Like it did to nearly all original "Mars Attacks" paintings, Topps slightly cropped the image seen here when it produced the issued card. Original "Mars Attacks" artworks are, of course, extremely rare. Robert Edward Auctions has been fortunate to offer a total of ten "Mars Attacks" original artworks over the years. In 2004, we sold the painting for card #25 for $37,375. In 2006, we had the privilege of offering three "Mars Attacks" artworks (for card numbers 5, 23, and 42), which sold for $29,000, $19,720, and $20,880, respectively. In 2009, we sold the original artwork to the iconic card #1 The "Invasion Begins" for $82,250. In 2010, we offered two more "Mars Attacks" artworks (for card numbers 9 and 51), which sold for $26,438 and $11,750 respectively. Finally, in 2011 we handled three additional artworks (for card numbers 7, 22, and 34), which sold for $11,163, $10,575, and $11,750, respectively. Theoretically all of the other artworks exist, but few examples have ever come to the marketplace over the years. The images from the "Mars Attacks" set have been ingrained into the consciousness of our popular culture, and have had a lasting impact not only on the youth of the early 1960s, but on all generations since. Every painting in the set is a classic, with this example no exception. It is a special privilege for us to be able to offer any original "Mars Attacks" artwork. The artwork (5.25 x 3.25 inches) has normal production-related remnants on the reverse, including the card number "37A," and is otherwise in Near Mint to Mint condition. Reserve $5,000. Estimate $10,000+. SOLD FOR $10,073

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