1912 S110 Tobacco Premium Pillowcases Complete Set (12) Plus One Variation (Thirteen S110 Pillow Cases!)

Sold For: $4,148

Auction Year: 2012 spring

Lot: 1549

Item Year: 1912

Category: Non-Sports Cards/Sheets/Card Artwork

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To the best of our knowledge, this is an unprecedented offering: Presented is an extraordinary complete set of twelve different (plus one variation, for a total of 13) S110 pillowcase tobacco premiums. The S110 pillowcases are universally recognized as among the premier tobacco-related display pieces of the era. Each pillowcase is a masterpiece, worthy of being framed and displayed. They are usually seen and offered only individually. All S110 pillowcases are naturally rare, and they tend to surface only one at a time. In all our 40 years we have never seen, let alone offered, a complete set of S110 pillowcases. This lot includes one example of each pillowcase offered in the S110 promotion. Some of these designs are exceedingly rare. All are very substantial. These colorful display pieces could be obtained only by mail in exchange for coupons packaged with Helmar and Turkey Red Tobacco. The S110 set was part of the very same promotion which brought us the classic T3 Turkey Red cabinet-card set, the S81 Large Silk premiums, and the famous L1 leathers tobacco premium issue. The pillowcase was the ultimate prize of the promotion, requiring the most coupons in exchange (100 coupons were needed to get a pillowcase). Each pillowcase (22.5 x 22.5 inches) has a theme and features images taken from a silk issue of the era. Collectors are very familiar with the baseball S110s (there are two variations), but these sell in the thousands in nice shape, due to the popularity of baseball, yet are no rarer than the other S110s featuring different subjects. The S110 pillowcases featuring Indians, Generals, and Beach Girls, among others, are all universally recognized classics in their own specialty fields of collecting. Condition report: #1 "National Flags" (Ex), 2 “Hamilton King Girls – Beach Girls" (some minor staining around the edges, otherwise Ex), 3 "Rulers" (Ex), 4 "Baseball" O'Toole variation (images and colors are faded, therefore in low-grade; the S110 variation of the baseball S110 with Johnson in the place of O'Toole is not included), 5 "Indian Portraits and Scenes" (Ex-Mt), 6 "Flowers" (Ex), 7 "Flag Girls of Nations" (small images, Vg-Ex), 7 "Flag Girls of Nations" (large images, Vg-Ex), 8 “Hamilton King Girls – Sports Girls” (Vg-Ex), 9 "Birds" (Ex), 10 "Generals" (Ex), 11 “Hamilton King Girls – Dancing Girls" (Ex), and 12 "Flags and Arms" (Vg-Ex). This is a remarkably clean, very carefully assembled, outstanding complete set of one of tobacco collecting's rarest issues, assembled over a period of many years by an extremely advanced and dedicated longtime collector. Total: 13 items. Reserve $2,000. Estimate (open). SOLD FOR $4,148

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