1930s and 1940s Nonsport Complete Set Collection Including 1949 Bowman FBI (3 sets/156 cards plus wrapper)

Sold For: $948

Auction Year: 2012 spring

Lot: 1547

Item Year: 1933

Category: Non-Sports Cards/Sheets/Card Artwork

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Three classic non-sports sets from the 1930s and 1940s: 1) 1933 R172 Gum, Inc. "Wild West Series" Complete Set (72 cards total: set of 48 plus 24 back variations) Plus Wrapper: Complete set of 48 puzzle-backs plus twenty-four variation cards representing an extra complete second-series set of 24 cards (#26-49) without the puzzle design lines on backs. Missing only the impossible #25 premium card. This popular nonsport set, issued in 1933, captures the spirit of the "Old West." The popularity of movie Westerns, as well as interest in the true history of the American West and Native American Indians, inspired this interesting card set. The set is accompanied by an extremely rare example of the original wrapper from this popular nonsport issue. The set ranges from Gd to Vg-Ex (averaging Vg). The wrapper is Good overall, with normal folds and wrinkles. 2) 1939 R173 Gum Inc. "The World in Arms" Complete Set (48): Twenty-four cards grade Ex (with a few slightly better), and twenty-four range from Vg to Vg-Ex. This complete set of "The World in Arms" cards features some of the finest artwork of any Gum, Inc., production. The set is organized into six separate series, each with a different theme relating to the arms of the world: "Airplanes," "Ships," "Iron Calvary," "Field Artillery," "Fortifications," and "Miscellaneous." Created in the same era as the gruesome "Horrors of War" issue, the R173 "World in Arms" series focuses on the weapons used by countries involved in the war efforts. Extremely attractive set with far better eye-appeal than suggested by the technically accurate assigned grades. Compared to baseball cards of the era, these early nonsport bubble-gum cards, which are at least as scarce, represent a particularly outstanding value. 3) 1949 Bowman "America Salutes The FBI-Heroes of the Law" Complete Set (36): In the 1930s and 1940s, G-Men had their hands full fighting crime (heroic efforts that of course continue to this day). The many high-profile cases of the era were plastered across the front pages all across America, capturing the imaginations of youngsters and adults alike, providing positive real-life hero images for kids to look up to, and, of course, inspiring several trading-card sets. Presented is an exceptionally attractive high-grade complete thirty-six card set of 1949 Bowman "America Salutes The FBI-Heroes of the Law." This is a beautiful set of the all-time classics of nonsports-card collecting! Seven cards range from Ex to Ex-Mt, twenty range from Vg to Vg-Ex (all with a much stronger overall appearance than suggested by these technically accurate grades), and nine cards appear to be Nr/Mt or better; however, upon closer inspection it is clear these cards have been long ago handcut from a sheet, a quality that we have seen many times in the past with 1949 Bowmans. This is an extremely attractive set of these very colorful and popular 1940s bubble-gum cards with across-the-board outstanding eye-appeal. The scarcity of this set is very much underrated by collectors, and the combination of the subject matter and the high-quality artwork makes this early Bowman issue one of the most appealing nonsport sets of any era. Total: 3 complete sets/156 cards plus wrapper. Reserve $300. Estimate $500/$1,000. SOLD FOR $948

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