1954 to 1963 Parkhurst Hockey Complete Sets (6 sets, 400 cards)

Sold For: $7,703

Auction Year: 2012 spring

Lot: 1377

Item Year: 1954

Category: Football/Basketball/Hockey/Boxing/Other Sports

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Four complete sets and two near-complete sets of Parkhurst Hockey, spanning the years 1954-1955 to 1963-1964. Beautiful mid- to high-grade complete (and near-complete) sets of these Parkhurst hockey classics representing a virtually comprehensive Parkhurst Hockey collection from 1954 to 1963. (A total of only five cards are missing from the two near-sets.) From a very old-time collection, these sets have been stored away in a closet for decades, possibly since their year of issue. Each set is loaded with all the great stars and Hall of Famers from two different decades. 1) 1954-1955 complete set (100): 58% range from Vg-Ex to Ex (with a few Ex-Mt), and 42% Vg (with a couple slightly lesser). Keys: #3 Beliveau (Vg-Ex), 7 Richard (Ex), 8 Geoffrion (Vg), 14 Harvey (Vg-Ex/Ex), 31 Horton (Ex+), 33 Sawchuk (Vg), 41 Howe (Vg/Vg-Ex), 65 Bower RC (Vg), and 100 Sawchuk/Geoffrion IA (Gd). 2) 1958-1959 complete set (50): 80% range from Vg-Ex to Ex-Mt (averaging Ex), and 20% Vg. Keys: #2 Richard (Ex), 22 Plante (Ex-Mt), 33 Mahovlich (Ex-Mt), 34 Beliveau (Ex), 38 Richard (Vg-Ex), 42 Horton (Ex), and 46 Bower (Ex-Mt). 3) 1959-1960 complete set (50): 80% range from Ex to Nr/Mt (averaging Ex-Mt), and 20% slightly lesser. Keys: #1 Canadiens (Ex-Mt), 2 Richard (Ex), 6 Beliveau (Ex), 23 Horton (Vg-Ex), 24 Mahovlich (Nr/Mt), 32 Bower (Ex-Mt), 39 Richard (Ex-Mt), and 41 Plante (Ex-Mt). 4) 1961-1962 complete set (51): 70% range from Vg-Ex to Ex (with a few Ex-Mt), and 30% Vg (with a couple slightly lesser). Keys: #1 Horton (Gd), 2 Mahovlich (Vg/Vg-Ex), 3 Bower (Ex), 5 Keon RC (Ex), 7 Shack (Vg), 20 Howe (Ex), 31 Sawchuk (Ex+), 43 Richard (Ex+), 45 Beliveau (Vg-Ex), and 49 Plante (Vg-Ex). 5) 1962-1963 complete set minus one (54/55): Missing only the checklist card. 85% range from Ex-Mt to Nr/Mt-Mt (averaging Nr/Mt), and 15% slightly lesser (mostly Gd). Keys: #4 Mahovlich (Ex-Mt), 7 Horton (Nr/Mt-Mt), 14 Shack (Nr/Mt), 15 Keon (ink notations on back, otherwise Nr/Mt), 18 Mahovlich (paper loss on reverse, otherwise Nr/Mt), 30 Howe (Nr/Mt-Mt), 31 Howe (Nr/Mt-Mt), 38 Richard (Ex-Mt), 39 Beliveau (Nr/Mt-Mt), and 49 Plante (ink notations on back, otherwise Nr/Mt-Mt). 6) 1963-1964 complete set minus four (95/99): Missing only #57, 64, 70, and 86 for completion. 45% range from Ex-Mt to Nr/Mt (with a few Nr/Mt-Mt), and 55% lesser (most have been downgraded due to moisture stains, otherwise Nr/Mt or better appearance). Keys: #9 Shack (Ex), 16 Horton (stain on back, otherwise Nr/Mt), 17 Mahovlich (Vg), 23 Richard (Ex-Mt), 27 Laperriere RC (Ex-Mt), 30 Beliveau (Vg), 33 Ferguson RC (Ex-Mt), 42 Faulkner RC (Ex-Mt), 53 Sawchuk (stain, otherwise Nr/Mt), 55 Howe (stain, otherwise Nr/Mt-Mt), 75 Keon (stain, otherwise Nr/Mt), 76 Horton (stain, otherwise Nr/Mt), 77 Mahovlich (stain, otherwise Vg-Ex), 82 Richard (stain, otherwise Ex-Mt), 89 Beliveau (stain, otherwise Ex-Mt), 92 Ferguson RC (Ex), and 99 Maniago RC (stain, otherwise Ex). This is a substantial collection of six different mid- to high-grade Parkhurst Hockey sets spanning two decades and including hundreds of Hall of Famers, stars, and rookie cards. Total: 400 cards. Reserve $1,000. Estimate $2,000/$4,000+.
SOLD FOR $7,703

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