1975 Topps Mini Wax Case (10 of 16 boxes with very slight water damage)

Sold For: $11,750

Auction Year: 2010 spring

Lot: 810

Item Year: 1975

Category: Postwar Baseball Cards (1948-present)

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This original wax case of 1975 Topps Mini baseball houses sixteen boxes with thirty-six packs per box for a total of 576 packs. With each pack containing ten cards, the case represents a total of 5,760 cards. The 1975 Topps Mini set includes the rookie cards of Hall of Famers George Brett, Robin Yount, Jim Rice, and Gary Carter, and many other stars, including Schmidt, Aaron, Ryan, and Jackson. The 1975 Mini cards are 20% smaller than the standard Topps cards and were test marketed only in Michigan and certain areas of the West Coast. Aside from their smaller size, they are otherwise identical to the standard 1975 Topps cards. The colored flush-to-the-border design of the 1975 Topps Mini set makes this issue particularly challenging to collect in extremely high grade. While we cannot state with certainty, it seems highly probable that this case contains numerous cards, both stars and commons, which would be ideal candidates for professional grading. The outer box, which is in Fair condition, has been opened but the sixteen wax boxes in the case remain in their original unopened state. This case is from the Conlon Estate and there is an amusing story as to how this case happens to be in this auction as opposed to having been sold in the spring 2009 auction. With great fanfare, Charlie Conlon's remaining cases of 1975 Topps minis were offered in the REA spring 2009 auction. A total of twenty-six wax cases were offered, and many collectors thought the supply would be far too great for the demand. If anything, we think more interest in the set was created. When all the dust settled after the auction, and all lots were paid for and shipped, to our great surprise there remained one lone case, with damage to the outer box, of 1975 Topps minis that had been totally unaccounted for. The case count was off by one by accident both by the Conlon Estate executor and REA. (Unopened cases have some size and significant weight in quantity, so counting a large group is a little different than counting a pile of cards.) So an extra case (that of course was there all along) magically appeared! The outer box is in much lesser condition than any of the other cases, and with slight water damage, and this may have somehow been related to this case not being counted or included in any of the 2009 auction case lots. In any event, the case is complete, and the sixteen unopened boxes are undisturbed. The four boxes on the bottom have experienced slight water damage and are stuck to the bottom of the box (but can be removed). A total of ten display boxes (including the four on the bottom) have some minor water damage, but the packs themselves appear unaffected. We have even checked the packs in the worst-looking box, and the packs appear to have been totally unaffected. It is possible that these boxes were originally from several cases that experienced minor water damage, yet had boxes with undamaged packs, and were put into one outer box by Charlie Conlon. We realize that this case may sell for a significant discount due to condition, but the buyer may be rewarded for the risk. We think the damage sounds a lot greater than it is, but all we can do is describe the case. The rest is up to the bidders! The remaining six display boxes display no damage whatsoever. As a special courtesy to REA, the case has been personally reviewed by world renowned unopened box and case expert Steve Hart of the Baseball Card Exchange. From the Charlie Conlon Collection. Reserve $2,000. Estimate (open).
SOLD FOR $11,750

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