Unusual 1952-1985 Topps Baseball Card Collection of Proofs, Errors, Oddities (256 cards)

Sold For: $940

Auction Year: 2010 spring

Lot: 782

Item Year: 1973

Category: Postwar Baseball Cards (1948-present)

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Card for card, this may be the craziest-looking and most unusual collection of Topps cards we have ever seen! This is a fascinating collection of 256 cards consisting of Topps baseball cards (includes a few 1960 Fleer) with various errors, printing anomalies, printing oddities, and variations, many unique or at least close to it. We don't even know how our consignor was able to assemble this collection of strange cards! We asked, and he said he has always liked them, and assembled this collection over a period of many years. Includes some star and rookie players (all unusual printing errors of some kind), blank backs, proofs, print overruns, etc. This is a lot that practically defies description! It is also a fun and significant collection of oddities, the likes of which we have never seen offered as a collection. Majority of the cards grade EX or better. The collection consists of the following: 1) 1952 Bowman (1 card): Hoot Evers front with Tebbetts stats on back. 2) 1952 Topps (1 card): Roberts (printing error). 3) 1953 Topps (1 card): Jones (badly miscut). 4) 1957 Topps (1 card): Wally Post blank back. 5) 1960 Fleer (8 cards): all double fronts with a reverse overprint including Speaker, Johnson, Collins, Baker, and Traynor. 6) 1961 Topps (1 card): Woodie Held front with Killebrew stats on back. 7) 1962 Topps (9 cards): Bob Bolin front with #318 Mantle back, two have blank backs (Burdette and J. Perry) plus two 3-card panels with blank backs. 8) 1963 Topps (8 cards): all with wrong backs including Mathews. 9) 1964 Topps (22 cards): 18 cards have wrong backs, and four have blank backs. 10) 1964 Topps Stand-Up (2 cards): both cards (Colavito and Mazeroski) are without any perforations. 11) 1966 Topps (15 cards): all have blank backs including Palmer’s rookie (SGC Auth), Banks (SGC Auth), Morgan (SGC Auth), Colavito, and Killebrew (SGC Auth). 12) 1967 Topps (1 card): #355 Yaz (badly miscut with portion of other card showing). 13) 1968 Topps (6 cards): five cards have blank backs, and one has a wrong back. 14) 1969 Topps Deckle Edge Proof (1 card): #21 Rose (SGC Auth). 15) 1969 Topps Super Proof (1 card): #52 Seaver (Nr/Mt). 16) 1969 Topps 4-On-1 Mini Stickers (2 cards): #3 and 20 (card numbers referenced from The Standard Catalog ). 17) 1970 Topps (5 cards): three blank backs including Aaron AS and Gibson, one wrong back (NL HR LDRs), and one over print (#500 Aaron). 18) 1971 Topps (15 cards): 8 cards have the wrong backs, five cards have blank backs, and two are missing print color. 19) 1973 Topps (5 cards): four have blank backs including Boone rookie card. 20) 1974 Topps (87 cards): 75 cards have the wrong backs, and nine are badly miscut showing portions of another card. 21) 1975 Topps (53 cards): 52 cards have blank backs, and one card is miscut so badly portion of another card shows. 22) 1976 Topps (2 cards): both blank backs. 23) 1978 Topps (13 cards): eleven blanks backs, one blank front, and one wrong back. 24) 1979 Topps (34 cards): one blank back, two blank fronts, one wrong back, and thirty wrongs backs with 1978 backs instead of 1979. 25) 1980 Topps (1 card): blank back (Orosco rookie). 26) 1985 Topps (1 card): Mark McGwire rookie with blank back (SGC Auth). Very interesting and unusual Topps collection. Total 256 cards. Reserve $200. Estimate (open).

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