Extraordinary Collection 1886-1889 N172 Old Judge Tobacco Cards (394 cards)

Sold For: $94,000

Auction Year: 2010 spring

Lot: 7

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Additional images are available at http://www.flickr.com/photos/37009821@N02/4482211392/in/photostream/ For a complete description of the extraordinary 1886-1890 N172 Old Judge Tobacco Card Collection (394 cards) please go to: http://www.robertedwardauctions.com/auction/2010_preview/9245.html The following is a slightly edited (shortened) version. This incredible assembly of 393 different (plus one duplicate) 1886-1889 N172 Old Judges represents one of the largest collections of these classic nineteenth-century cards ever assembled, let alone offered at auction at a single time as a collection. It is also a very special collection on many counts. Assembled in the 1960s and 1970s by one of the hobby's great pioneer collectors (who passed away in 2009), it includes many rarities, both in terms of players and poses, a number of cards that were loaned for use as plate specimens in the recently published Old Judge book, and even two newly discovered checklist additions that have never been documented until now, one a subtle pose change (Kilroy, newly discovered uncatalogued pose, throwing hand extended forward), the other an extremely significant team change (Radford, newly discovered uncatalogued team variation with Cleveland; this 387-7 pose was previously known only with Brooklyn). Given that this has long been one of the few untouched "time-capsule" advanced collections put together in an earlier era and never broken up, it is not surprising that it includes extremely special cards and rarities. We suggested breaking the collection up but the family preferred it remain intact. The only card that has been separated from this collection is the 1889 N172 California League player card of Cornelius Doyle, San Francisco (the only known example and also an Old Judge book plate specimen card) which is offered as its own lot in this auction due to its extraordinary value. Otherwise the collection remains completely intact. This is an extraordinary and carefully assembled collection, with all cards different (many players are represented by more than one pose, and there are some duplicate poses with team changes). An amazing 365 different players are included. There are only approximately 519 different players known to exist in the entire Old Judge set. The 365 different number is players only, and does not include the twenty-nine extra cards representing team changes (16), different poses (12), and one duplicate in the collection. The 394 cards in this lot are an advanced collection unto themselves, and included are cards which will improve virtually any world-class Old Judge collection, of which there are few. Among the many highlights are twenty-seven Hall of Famers including rarity Bid McPhee, numerous extreme rarities and scarcities, the complete set of thirteen 1886 Brownie Champs portraits, rare teams, noteworthy stars and players such as Billy Sunday and Dummy Hoy, managers, horizontal cards, and rare poses and team changes including two newly discovered uncatalogued cards. The following is a list of some of the many highlights: Twenty-seven Hall of Famers: Beckley (Pitt, hands neck high), Brouthers (Bos, catching), Clarkson (Chi, throwing, hand hip high), Comiskey (St. Louis, hands outstretched), Connor (NY, bat at 60 degrees), Delahanty (Phil, hands at waist), Duffy (Chi, batting), Ewing (NY, hands on knees), Ewing/mascot (NY), Galvin (Pitt, leaning on bat), Griffith (Mil, hands at chest), Hamilton (KC, batting - looking at camera), Hanlon (Det, hands head high), Keefe (NY, hands at chest), Keefe (NY, hands above waist, facing front), Kelly (Bos, bat at 45 degrees, right handed), Mack (Wash, hand neck high), McCarthy (St. Louis, sliding – indoor background), McCarthy (St. Louis, batting – indoor background), McPhee (Cinn, hands head high), O'Rourke (NY, hands chest high), Radbourn tagging Nash (Bos), Radbourn (Bos, white uniform visible), Rusie (Indpls, hand head high), Thompson (Det, ball chest high), Ward (NY, batting), and Welch (hand at thigh). 1886 Brownie Champs portraits complete set (13): Bushong, Caruthers, Comiskey, Foutz, Gleason, Hudson, Kemmler, Latham, Nicol, O'Neil, Robinson, Von Der Ahe, and Welch. Two 1886 ‘Spotted Tie’ Mets portraits: Forster and Ripslager. Five Managers: Barnes (St. Paul), Buckenberger (Columbus), Loftus (Clev), Mutrie (NY), and Schmelz (Cinn). Five ‘Two-Player’ poses: Burns (Chi), Farmer (Pitt), Fulmer & Tucker (Balt), McGlone (Clev), and Nicol & Reilly (side by side). Two horizontal sliding poses: Mattimore (Phil) and Tiernan (NY). Three vertical sliding poses: Crooks (St. Louis), Knouff (St. Louis), and Wolf (Louisville). Various other noteworthy cards: Burdock (portrait, Bos), Fessenden (umpire, hands at back), Hoy (hand above head), Kilroy (newly discovered uncatalogued pose, throwing hand extended forward), Myers (N175 Gypsy Queen), Radford (newly discovered uncatalogued team variation; 378-7 Cleveland, only checklisted as Brooklyn), Sunday (Chi, leaning on bat), Whitney w/Dog (NY), and many, many more (too many to list). There are so many striking cards and images, and so many variables to Old Judges with reference to photo quality and contrast, that by providing images of the entire collection online we feel we can most effectively communicate and document the quality of this extraordinary collection. A complete list of all 394 cards in the collection is also available, and can easily be sent by e-mail (or fax) in a spread sheet upon request. Plus for the convenience of potential bidders high-resolution images of all the cards in this collection are available on a disc. Total: 394 cards. Reserve $25,000. Estimate (open). SOLD FOR $94,000

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