1957 Topps Near-Complete Master Set: #5 PSA Set Registry (408 Cards PSA NM-MT 8, 2 Cards PSA NM-MT+ 8.5, 2 Cards PSA MINT 9)

Sold For: $41,125

Auction Year: 2010 spring

Lot: 690

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The 1957 Topps set has always been one of the most popular sets in the world of card collecting due to its classic photographic style and inclusion of so many stars. Presented is one of the finest and most stunning high-grade near-complete master sets of this classic issue ever assembled in the history of collecting. This set is listed on the PSA Set Registry as the fifth-highest graded set with an average grade of 7.86. This near-complete master set of 419 cards (missing just two checklist cards) is highlighted by many Hall of Famers including Mantle, Williams, Aaron, Mays, and Clemente, as well as the scarce #176a Gene Baker error card (the name on the back is misspelled "EUGENF W. BAKEP), plus six of the eight checklist cards (missing #2/3 Bazooka and #4/5 Bazooka), all four contest cards, and one insert card. This ultra high-grade master set has been assembled one card at a time over a period of many years by an extremely dedicated collector with an uncompromising commitment to condition and eye-appeal, and with all cards being carefully screened for only top-quality examples in all respects. There are no "weak links" in this set! This is a world-class investment-grade set of one of the most important baseball-card issues in the entire world of postwar-card collecting. It is also one of the finest sets of 1957 Topps we have ever seen or offered. 408 of the 419 cards in this complete set (minus 2) have been graded NM-MT 8 by PSA. Two cards, #122 and 259, are graded NM-MT+ 8.5. Two cards, #342 and 355, are graded MINT 9. The remaining seven cards (including Baker/error, five checklist cards, and insert card) range from PSA VG 3 to PSA NM 7. As any collector of high-grade 1950s cards knows, finding 1957 Topps graded PSA 8 is a tremendous challenge. To assemble an entire set in this incredible high grade is simply extraordinary. The grades for the entire set can easily be accessed online on the PSA Set Registry under "REA Spring 2010." PSA grading composite : Two cards are graded MINT 9: #342 and 355. Two cards are graded NM-MT+ 8.5: #122 and 259. 408 cards are graded NM-MT 8: including #1 Williams, 2 Berra, 7 Aparicio, 10 Mays, 15 Roberts, 18 Drysdale (RC), 20 Aaron, 24 Mazeroski (RC), 25 Ford, 30 Reese, 35 F. Robinson (RC), 38 Fox, 40 Wynn, 55 Banks, 62 Martin, 70 Ashburn, 76 Clemente, 80 Hodges, 85 Doby, 90 Spahn, 95 Mickey Mantle, 97 Yankees, 120 Lemon, 125 Kaline, 154 Schoendienst, 165 Kluszewski, 170 Snider, 203 Wilhelm, 210 Campanella, 212 Colavito (RC), 215 Slaughter, 230 Kell, 250 Mathews, 270 Senators, 275 Indians, 277 Podres, 284 Zimmer, 286 Richardson (RC), 302 Koufax, 312 Kubek (RC), 317 Giants 322, Reds, 324 Dodgers, 328 B. Robinson (RC), 329 White Sox, 338 Bunning (RC), 400 Dodgers' Sluggers, 407 Yankee Power Hitters, Checklist 2/3 (Big Blony), and all four Contest cards. Three cards are graded NM 7: #176a Baker Error, Checklist 1/2 (Bazooka), and Checklist 1/2 (Big Blony). Three cards are graded EX-MT 6: Checklist 3/4 (Bazooka), Checklist 3/4 (Twin Blony), and Lucky Penny card. One card is graded VG 3: Checklist 4/5 (Twin Blony). This set was assembled with a concern for all factors, including special consideration to centering. The concern for centering makes this set even more spectacular than suggested by its extraordinary high grade, and is evident throughout. (Also please note that none of these cards has been submitted for review for the recently introduced PSA half-grades. There is no question that a great number of these cards would be awarded higher half-grades if submitted for review.) This is simply an amazing high-grade complete master set (minus 2) of this classic Topps issue, and is easily one of the finest in the world. The total SMR value of $46,015 for the set does not account for the tremendous amount of time, energy, and effort that have been invested in its assembly. The fact that the consignor has elected to keep this set together and sell it as a single unit, as opposed to breaking it up into smaller more affordable units, makes this a particularly extraordinary offering. For those who can consider buying a set of this caliber, this set represents a remarkable and unique opportunity. Total 419 cards (set of 408 including rare Baker error card, plus six checklist cards, four contest cards, and one insert card). Reserve $15,000. Estimate $30,000++. SOLD FOR $41,125

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