1888-1911 Tobacco-Card Collection Including N29, T206, etc. (230)

Sold For: $12,925

Auction Year: 2010 spring

Lot: 232

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Outstanding original-owner collection of 230 nineteenth- and twentieth-century tobacco cards consisting of one N28 Allen & Ginter, twenty-eight N29 Allen & Ginters (includes one baseball player and five boxers), 191 T206 White Borders (including three Ty Cobbs), and ten T205 Gold Borders. This substantial collection is highlighted by twenty-four Hall of Famers, including three Ty Cobbs, Christy Mathewson, and Walter Johnson, and twenty rare Southern Leaguers from the T206 series. We have selected eight cards to be graded and encapsulated by SGC (three Cobbs, Mathewson, Johnson, Lajoie, Chesbro, and Willis). 1) N28 Allen & Ginter: Bubear (oarsman, Pr-Fr). 2) N29 Allen & Ginter (28 cards): Morrell (baseball, Fr-Gd); five pugilist: Duffy (Gd), Edwards (Fr), Havlin (Fr-Gd), La Blanche (Fr-Gd), and Murphy (Gd); the balance of the cards range from Pr to Gd-Vg, averaging Good overall. 3) T206 White Borders (191 cards): sixty-eight cards range from Vg-Ex to Ex, 105 cards range from Gd to Vg, and eighteen cards are Pr-Fr. Includes twenty-two Hall of Famers, twenty rare Southern Leaguers, and two members of the infamous "Black Sox." Highlights: Bender/no trees ((Pr-Fr), two Brown/Cubs (Fr and Pr), two Chase/white cap (both Fr), Chesbro (SGC EX 60), two Cicotte/"Black Sox" (both Vg), Clarke/bat (Vg-Ex), Clarke/port. (Vg), Cobb/green (SGC VG 40), two Cobb/bat on (SGC VG/EX 50 and GOOD 30), Collins/Minn. (Vg), Davis/Chicago (Vg), Evers/Cubs (Vg), Gandil/"Black Sox" (Vg), Johnson/port. (SGC VG/EX 50), Keeler/port. (Pr), Keeler/bat (Vg-Ex), Lajoie/throwing (SGC GOOD 30), Lundgren/Chicago (Gd), Mathewson/white cap (SGC VG 40), McGraw/no cap (Vg-Ex), Tinker/bat on (Vg-Ex), Tinker/hands on knees (Fr-Gd), Willis/port. (Vg), Willis/bat (SGC EX 60). Southern Leaguers: two Bastian (Ex and Gd), two Bay (both Vg), Carey (Vg), Coles (Gd-Vg), Ellam (Vg-Ex), Foster (Fr), Greminger (slight trim, otherwise Ex), Guiheen (Ex), two Hart/Montgomery (slight trim, otherwise Ex and Vg-Ex), Kiernan (slight trim, otherwise Ex), Lentz (Ex), Perdue (slight trim, otherwise Ex), Revelle (slight trim, otherwise Ex), Ryan (Gd), two Stark (Ex and Gd-Vg), White/Houston (Vg-Ex). 4) T205 Gold Borders (10 cards): two Collins/mouth closed (Vg and Pr), Grant (Vg-Ex), Harmon/one ear (Ex), Turner (Vg), and five cards grade Pr. This is a very substantial collection of tobacco cards from four of the most popular and classic tobacco sets, with many highlights and with an extraordinarily high concentration of Hall of Famers. The equivalent SMR value for just the eight SGC-graded cards (not including the 222 raw cards) is $5,425. Total: 230 cards (202 baseball tobacco cards and 28 non-baseball tobacco cards). Reserve $2,000. Estimate $4,000/$8,000. SOLD FOR $12,925

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